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Evil Dead Rise Fans Already Have An Idea For A Possible Prequel

Contains spoilers for "Evil Dead Rise"

The next entry in the "Evil Dead" franchise is officially here, with plenty of nightmare-inducing sequences to keep viewers up at night. The film builds off the infamous Necronomicon's legendary history with a fresh slew of innocent victims to possess. "Evil Dead Rise" also plays with the terrifying idea that there is actually more than one Book of the Dead to wreak havoc on unsuspecting teens.

Hell is officially unleashed when Danny (Morgan Davies) finds the Necronomicon in a sacred tomb guarded by religious artifacts. They're overwhelmed by curiosity when they obtain the damned book and unknowingly allow the presence of evil to enter our world once again. "Evil Dead Rise" expands the horrifying series in fun and exciting ways, which leaves fans wildly imagining their own ideas for a bloody prequel. 

Bruce Campbell, the face of the franchise himself, gave his insights as to where "Evil Dead Rise" fits into the rest of the universe. His viewpoint perfectly ushers in the next installment, which even explores the origins of the Necronomicon that intrigued several fans. On Reddit, u/11ob shared, "It was a fun movie! The priest story from the recording would make a great prequel." This suggestion would take fans back to the dark beginnings of the cursed books to tell an ancient and ghastly tale. 

Fans are ready to dive deep into the Necronomicon's history

The chilling recording by the original priests who first sealed away the Necronomicon offers a glimpse into the past of this gruesome story. We also officially learn that there are three books, which coincide with the series' established canon. This sets up the frightening battle of good and evil that consistently surrounds the Necronomicon.

Fans were drawn to this unsettling moment and the notorious book's revealing history. u/Steakhouse42 said on Reddit, "Just got out. It was amazing. Also I'm glad they finally explained the Necronomicon books. They said [there are] 3 of them. Which makes sense as you have this one, the one Ash has, and the one from 2013." Other audience members noticed the disturbing material within the pages, like u/UnconventionalWriter who commented, "Anyone notice the page in the book of the dead of them cutting a woman's stomach open to reveal a baby? I kept waiting for that scene to come!" Thankfully, Beth (Lily Sullivan) and her unborn child were spared this grisly fate, though this may highlight the demon's malevolent intentions. 

The Necronomicon's contents sent several diehard fans into full investigator mode, like u/STALAL, who deciphered the meaning within upsetting images. This introductory scene established the film's sinister tone, while also setting up a thrilling prequel. Based on rave critical reviews for "Evil Dead Rise," it's safe to assume we'll be seeing plenty of more blood-soaked Deadites, which will hopefully include their harrowing beginnings and the noble priests who tried to lock the evil away.