The 27 Best Punishments In Impractical Jokers History Ranked

Four best friends, who are also total idiots, prank each other until one ends up punished. It might sound like recess at school, but it's actually the foolproof format used across all 10 seasons of "Impractical Jokers." Made up of James "Murr" Murray, Brian "Q" Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and Joe Gatto until his departure at the end of 2021, the group is dedicated to exploiting each other's fears for our viewing pleasure. In a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly, the awesome foursome explained that they've known each other since high school in 1990 and naturally turned their playful friendship into comedy. "I don't think any of us ever expected to do this and be here all these years later," Vulcano said, "but it's amazing to have this job that's us messing with each other—for a long time we didn't get paid for that!"

Even though "Impractical Jokers" is now a three-man band, surprises keep coming in the form of celebrity guest stars and recent boosts from simulcasts. One thing does remain the same, though: the team's penchant for grueling and humiliating "Impractical Jokers" punishments. Looking to relive some of the best? Here are the top 27 punishments featured on "Impractical Jokers," ranked.

27. Beautiful Model Turned Brainiac

Though the name of the episode might not have aged well, Joe's eventual punishment is an amazing example of how to take something unexpected and make the best of it. The Season 3 episode "Fe-Mail" has Joe as its loser, with the guys punishing him by making him dress up as a woman. Initially thinking he has been entered into a fashion show, Joe actually has to talk at a seminar for tech enthusiasts who are looking at new app ideas. After his immediate shock, Joe is surprisingly comfortable with his transformation and even more at home pitching app ideas that he's never seen before.

Joe solidifies his "Impractical Jokers" status here as the one who can do anything confidently, with fans commenting on his use of "us girls" and readiness to slay the runway. Not only has this punishment lived on via social media, but it's also the perfect balance to a comment made by Murr in a 2016 interview with the Green Bay Press Gazette. "The four of us were raised to be gentlemen," he said. Joe's later commitment to putting women first shows that he just gets it — and what better way to stick it to the other guys?

26. The Fire Academy

It's rare that a punishment has more than one loser, but the "Impractical Jokers" Season 5 episode "Training Day" puts Joe, Sal, and Murr all on the chopping block to be humiliated by Q. Q was previously embarrassed in front of his former New York City Fire Department colleagues by performing a musical number in the episode "Stage Fright." After this and another punishment that ruined his jeep in "Car Sick," Q was clearly sitting on something big while biding his time. As a result, he puts his friends through a rigorous training process with the fire academy, with which all three of them struggle.

Though the triple punishments are few and far between, the fire academy outing has been voted among the best of the best by multiple fans. None of the Jokers fail in the challenge to get strangers to keep their note in "Pass Clowns," but Sal can't get a stranger to admit that they know them ("Don't I Know You?"), and Joe and Murr fail to complete a task without a customer noticing ("Vest Friends.") This punishment still has viewers in stitches.

25. Sal's Haunted Corn Maze

Not only has Sal's haunted corn maze been listed as one of his best punishments by certain fans, but it's also one that some viewers have said they'd have wanted to tackle themselves. The Season 3 episode "Field of Screams" shows Sal having to cross from one side of a field to another while holding a guided rope, with plenty of obstacles waiting in line to scare the life out of him. It's one of the most fun punishments featured on "Impractical Jokers," while also setting Sal up for his later punishment of moving through a haunted house.

Even though Sal isn't the only loser during this episode, his two losses to Murr and Q's one loss make him the easy target for jumping scarecrows and piles of poop. By not kissing a blond woman on the lips, Sal becomes the instant loser of the do-the-command "Devil Voices" challenge. Though it's Murr who fails to get the audience to applaud him while quitting at the zoo in "Quit Fantastically," Sal eventually loses again during his presentation about dinosaurs in "Dino-Mite."

24. Murr vs. a 5th Grader

Much like the famous game show of a similar format, Murr takes on a 5th grader in his Season 7 punishment during the episode "Dropping Knowledge." It's another segment on "Impractical Jokers" where first-time viewers aren't sure if the situation is being set up or not, though the camera panning to items being taken from Murr's apartment speaks for itself. It's a different pact of punishment for Murr, who's usually physically humiliated or thrown from heights. When all that has been done, though, what else is left but to insult his intelligence? 5th grader Jake is a terrific sport, even if he has no idea what to do with the shower head, bedding, and door handle that he wins.

Amazingly, this episode contains a challenge where all of the Jokers lose. "Writer's Blocked" is a recurring challenge featured on the show, with this version showing each member of the cast failing to get a message approved before it is sent. Unfortunately for Murr, it amounts to the most losses for him, as he took two thumbs down in the earlier command challenge "Biker Boyz."

23. Sal vs. Zombie Apocalypse

If there's one thing about the "Impractical Jokers" team, it's that their families are always willing to be involved in their challenges and punishments. This is definitely the case in the Season 6 episode "The Walking Dread," with Sal's nieces sacrificing themselves to the zombies in order to have him save them as his punishment. Fans of the show up to this point will know that Sal's reputation for being scared of everything is almost more well-known than he is. Taking on the demeanor of a segment that might be seen on "The Ellen Show," Sal's dance with his apocalyptic destiny is up there with the show's most cringeworthy punishments.

Unluckily for Sal, he loses out on both of the challenges seen in this episode. Along with Murr, he fails to get the most dips in "Dip My Fry," and he fails to follow instructions in "Garden Tools." Though it's unknown how many nieces Sal actually has, the ones we do see are incredible sports — especially considering how easily he crumbles. According to a Reddit Q&A with Sal, the "Impractical Jokers" cast members have refused things in the past, but perhaps tussling with a pile of meat while surrounded by zombies is just on the right side of his boundaries.

22. Sal's Soul Almost Leaves His Body

In one of the most recent punishments on this list, it's safe to say not much has changed for Sal since his corn maze and haunted house days. In Season 10, Episode 8, former White House Associate Director Kal Penn helps Sal do whatever the other guys say. After Sal tells a stranger that his breath smells in front of Penn, the situation quickly escalates when the stranger threatens Sal, encouraging him to quickly move away. Viewers were immediately excited for Penn to guest star in the episode, with the cultural crossover seeming like a fever dream that's too good to be true. Together, Penn and the gang deliver something that's beyond painfully awkward, even though it appears surprisingly quickly in the episode.

Even with his varied career, it's not too surprising that Penn can keep up with the "Impractical Jokers" cast. Best known on screen for his time in the "Harold & Kumar" movies, he's also known for roles in "House," "Smile," and "Designated Survivor." With Joe Gatto having left "Impractical Jokers," the move to include a different celebrity guest star in each episode seems to be working, and this punishment provides plenty of laughs.

21. Lower Body Hazing

Poor Murr. By Season 4 of "Impractical Jokers," he wasn't exactly a stranger to punishment. The season's second episode, "Below the Belt," sees him giving a presentation about climate change while having no control over what the others do to his lower half. Some fans believe that it's always Murr's punishments that tend to be the most fun, with Q often being dealt the more cringeworthy and embarrassing hand. Whether he's having his jeans cut away, being sprayed with water, or wearing high heels, both Murr and his audience are unable to contain their laughter.

Fans may remember that earlier in the episode, Murr loses both of the featured challenges. "Sword Losers" sees the gang having to do whatever they're told while taking a one-on-one fencing class. The catch? They each have to recruit a student to sign up for another class, which both Murr and Sal fail to do. A similar idea follows in the barber shop challenge "Caught in the Cross Hairs," where Murr refuses to act on the instruction to give a customer a wet-willie. Even if it means he loses a challenge, we've got to admit that Murr is truly one of the nice guys.

20. Sal's Beastly Surprise

Not all punishments on "Impractical Jokers" can make your mouth drop open, but Sal's beastly surprise during the Season 7 finale does exactly that. Though the episode is technically a one-hour holiday special, it doesn't pull any punches. Sal is stuck inside a cage with a bucket of chicken, and brown bears are sent in to keep him company — with Sal obviously close to a breakdown. Whether bears actually love KFC in particular isn't known, but fans do know that Sal has a certain fear of animals throughout the show. Even so, many agree that throwing Sal into the bear's den was the perfect punishment for him.

With three challenges determining the loser across the holiday special, it very easily could have been one of the others in the bear cage. The final challenge, "Wrap Battle," with the cast each having to wrap the most items, amazingly had no losers. Sal and Murr both lost the earlier "Meal or No Meal" feature, and the remaining "Toy Vey!" challenge threw both Sal and Q into the loser's club. With the others laughing their heads off, it adds fuel to the fan fire that Sal is afraid of nearly everything, and the majority of his punishments are epically silly fun as a result.

19. Sal Gets Accidentally Kidnapped

Season 3 was a bumper series for pranks and drama on "Impractical Jokers," meaning plenty of chances for Sal to scream and get the fright of his life. One memorable instance happens during the episode "Junk in the Trunk," where his punishment involves getting into the trunk of a random woman's rental car while she's driving. Hardcore fans will know that the woman's actually in on the plan, though Sal is unaware of this. Amazingly, it's not a punishment that falls into Reddit user u/CraigTMG's extremely detailed list of every time Sal falls on the show, but fans have enjoyed him being hit by a loaf of bread.

Viewers might never be too sure what's about to follow the "What Sal doesn't know..." opening during his punishments, but it was pretty easy to tell that he would be the episode's overall loser. During the "Topical Storm" challenge, Sal and Joe get no votes for their presentation with slides that have little or nothing to do with the subject. Sal also loses out in "Stick & Spin," which has the goal of getting a certain body part to touch a stranger's body part as determined by two wheels with various choices. Though random people declining to do this is hardly surprising, the fact that there were no losers in the following crowd applause challenge was a genuine shock. Let's face it, these things don't have a great track record.

18. Sal Is Ruining Summer

When it comes to what fans might consider the most brutal punishments on "Impractical Jokers," anything involving kids is likely to be high on the list. In the Season 7 episode "The Running of the Bullies," it's once again Sal who faces another grueling punishment. Tasked with posing as a lifeguard at a local swimming pool, he has to kick everyone out on the grounds of bullying, with the task unable to end until the pool is empty. Though some viewers found the punishment too painful to watch, others relished Sal's ability to not just argue with a bunch of kids, but their parents too.

As YouTube commenters pointed out, what makes the punishment even worse is how well-behaved the kids are actually being. Arguably, it's all Sal's fault, losing out on both of the episode's challenges with Joe and Murr respectively. After being unable to get someone to order a special in "Meal or No Meal," Sal also falls flat in the team-based command task "Dust Buddies." Still, at least local media went crazy for the taping of this punishment — even if the adults weren't so keen.

17. Home Invasion

It's almost weird that the "Impractical Jokers" gang always comes back to involving presentations in their challenges and punishments, but in the Season 2 episode "Sweat the Small Things," Sal's punishing presentation is actually a cover. While he delivers a talk that's designed to be stress-relieving, the slides show the other cast members breaking into his house while Sal was on vacation, abusing everything in sight. Though the punishment makes fans like Reddit user u/MetsWillRise "Die of laughter" every time they rewatch it, it also got fans thinking about what home invasion punishments might look like for the other cast members. Turning properties into open houses and unleashing cats are popular ideas, which could be plenty of fun given how terrified Sal is of them.

Though Sal lost out while facing the dartboard of destiny in the "Do Whatever Task You Land On" challenge of the same name, it was Joe who became the loser in the earlier command task while trying to teach an art class. Joe's habit of being unfazed by anything would have made this punishment a lot more boring, as he certainly wouldn't have cared if people had taken their shoes off like Sal does.

16. Can Sal Take Your Order?

From Season 1 onward, the "Impractical Jokers" gang has a long-standing love affair with the fast food chain White Castle. It's featured again in the punishment for the Season 8 episode "Fast Feud," with Sal having to work the drive-thru orders — only it's not his voice that's coming through the microphone. Fans love these punishments so much that some have gone as far as scouting out the White Castles the team has filmed at, with Joe on hand to help

Once again, Sal is the only loser in this episode. The opening challenge, "House Sitters," requires the Jokers to try to find someone to house sit for them, with all of the gang succeeding. But after refusing to say "Victim able to handle cucumber without giggling" while posing as a market researcher, Sal becomes the only loser in the follow-up battle "Shadow Shoppers," and thus gets the punishment.

15. Sal's Psychological Torture

When the "Impractical Jokers" can't get physical, they have to get psychological. Fans mainly agree that it's these unexpected inconveniences that are the best method to torture Sal, with Redditors quoting this first-ever non-punishment punishment as one of the very strongest. During the Season 8 episode "Well...," the Jokers torture Sal without him realizing it by leaning into everything he's been afraid of on the show so far. The punishment — as well as the episode title — highlights an "Impractical Jokers" running gag, in which the use of "Well..." indicates an unexpected switch or twist when a punishment first begins. It's not something that dawns on Sal until after the punishment is over, considering it's torture that's normally reserved for Murr.

Unluckily for Sal (or not, maybe he didn't notice either), he was the clear loser of the episode's two challenges. The Joker vs. Joker challenge "Pass the Message" ends with Sal being defeated by Q, while both of them lose out to Joe and Murr in the teammate "Do as You're Told" battle "Tag Team." Fans enjoyed this punishment so much that some actively want it done to them... which maybe isn't a good thing?

14. Q Versus Women's Rights

In a 2016 interview with Entertainment Focus, Q stated: "Talking to women – it used to be something scary but all the time we have approached women on the show with nothing, and how receptive they've been." It's probably not something he can say after his punishment in the Season 5 episode "Brother of the Sisterhood," which sees him posing as someone who would "politely but firmly disagree" as a panelist at a women's rights event. The punishment is so cringe-worthy that it actually made its way to a mainstream Reddit forum, with many "Impractical Jokers" fans stepping in to explain that Q had been set up.

While it's definitely a punishment that's considered to be a fan favorite, it almost wasn't Q that had to face it. Sal lost the first challenge, "Handing it Off," in which he refused to make a sarcastic comment about equal pay while filling out fake questionnaires. However, it was Q who fell down next, unable to retrieve a $5 bill from a stranger during "Cash-holes." Unluckily for Q, the last challenge was a double-down, meaning he scored two thumbs down instead of the usual one.

13. Joe Is Breaking Tables, Literally

The best punishments come as a form of revenge, and Joe is a fantastic example of that in "Impractical Jokers". In the Season 7 episode "Turning the Tables," Joe's punishment sees him finding and breaking eight table decoys in a real-life restaurant. The punishment was actually Murr's revenge for his earlier party crasher punishment, where he had to take down a Judo Olympic medalist and failed, being thrown in a pool. Even though Murr is actively looking for revenge, Joe walks off his definite back injuries with style.

In the episode's "Impractical Insider" feature, it's revealed that the tables Joe broke through were actually made of foam, and that the people sitting at the designated decoy table were in on the joke. Everyone else was a real customer. Joe lost two of the three challenges in the episode — first refusing to ask someone to provide something to pee in during "Keeping it Wheel," and eventually being unable to blame a stranger in "Pass the Buck."

12. Elevator To Hell

In the Season 4 episode "Elevating the Game," it's Sal's turn to experience his own personal Hell. Known for his fear of enclosed spaces, his episode punishment sees him locked into an elevator with all manner of things happening around him, including a coughing man who taps into Sal's germaphobia. Though the strangers are in on the joke, it eventually leads to Sal asking mechanics and firefighters to help free them. It's a pretty unlucky ending for Sal, who wasn't the only cast member to lose in the episode's three challenges.

The "Blame Game" challenge sees Q lose out after not taking the blame for Murr stealing. Considering that Murr takes multiple portions of blame for Q, it feels particularly cruel that Q doesn't return the favor. Meanwhile, Joe and Sal both lose "Lexi-con Artists" after they're unable to get anyone to agree that their made-up word is real. Sadly, it's Sal's inability to get a woman's number in the earlier "Getting Un-lucky" challenge that sends him to his personal confined hell, despite Murr also initially losing before getting a second chance to act on his instruction.

11. Major League Rejection

Most of the top punishments on "Impractical Jokers" involve Sal and Murr, but when Q loses, the payoff is fatal. One of his most memorable punishments is seen in Season 3's "Just Say No," where — as the title suggests — Q's punishment is to go out onto a baseball field, stand on the pitchers' mound, and say no to everything he interacts with. What he doesn't know is that a beautiful woman is waiting in the wings to publicly ask him to marry her, and she runs off in tears when he rejects her. Though she's in on the joke, she sets up a backstory of them being together for seven years, making the inevitable outcome of onlookers gasping and booing even more painful to watch.

YouTube commenter Brianna Elizabeth, who claimed to have been at the game itself, revealed that no one in the crowd there knew what was coming — or even that Q was actually a TV star. Painful, cringeworthy, and hilarious all in one go, this punishment succeeds on the stellar acting ability of Q's "girlfriend." Even though fans might feel it's impossible to decide which are the best punishments, Q often takes a top spot.

10. Murr Goes Hairless

Murr doesn't have a whole lot of hair to begin with, but that doesn't mean that he's not devastated to part with what he has. There's a lot at stake for him in the Season 5 episode "Browbeaten," with the gang about to head off to London and his nephew's confirmation coming in just two weeks. Even so, the Jokers decide that now is the perfect time to shave off all of Murr's hair — including his eyebrows. If that weren't punishment enough, there's also a follow-up for Murr to endure, with the guys taking him to be photographed for a new driver's license. Since it doesn't expire until March 2026, Murr may still be out there walking around with a totally bald ID.

It's also a punishment that sets Murr up for further humiliation to come, with a Season 6 punishment stating he must wear a wig made out of Q's hair for the remainder of the season. Fans have loved the shaving itself. In general, it's hard for viewers to decide which of Murr's many humiliating ordeals is actually the worst. 

9. Warehouse of Tarantula Terror

Sometimes a punishment is so bad that even the "Impractical Jokers" team acknowledges it as one of the worst. The Season 5 episode "Spider Man" puts Q's arachnophobia to the test, strapping him to a board while the others torment him with a remote-controlled spider — which is then swapped out for real-life tarantulas once he's settled in. They say that the best way to overcome something is to face it head-on, but it's only really Q (spiders) and Murr (heights) who've had to face their deepest, darkest fears. It might seem like a particularly cruel punishment, but it must be something Q was relatively up for. Fans have picked up on podcast appearances where the cast has cited an understanding of what would truly be "too far."

Not only does the punishment set the other jokers up to later have Q take his revenge on them, but the episode itself puts Q through the wringer too. Unable to eat sushi during the command task "Fishy Business," Q loses out and gets pretty irate with his friends, flipping them off mid-task. Though he doesn't participate in the final challenge, Q also fails to get the most hands raised while teaching a hardware workshop in Brooklyn in the episode's second standoff, "Power Tools."

8. Joe the Genie

Joe's the guy who can take anything in stride — even when the other "Impractical Jokers" guys have complete control over his actions. The Season 6 episode "Rubbed the Wrong Way," proves that these are the best punishments for him, seeing that he has absolutely no shame. In the episode's punishment, Joe has to portray a genie in a play, with the other guys controlling his harness and smashing him into props and set pieces. Though it's Joe who's in the spotlight here, the punishment also sheds light on something that's long-standing throughout the season. As some fans picked up on, Murr can be seen wearing a wig backstage, which is part of his season-long punishment to wear a wig made of Q's hair.

With only two challenges on the slate — and only one of them having any losers — it's clearly Joe who ends up on the chopping block. "Over The Shoulder" shows the guys trying to catch the most items without getting caught, with none of them losing. Where Joe falls down is the earlier "Stalk and Text" challenge, as he fails to get the most responses back to his messages. With quotes like "Genie does as you wish!" Joe's genie moment is easily a fan favorite.

7. Sky Diving Is For Losers

"I need three new best friends" might be one of the most repeated phrases on the show, and Murr's sky-diving punishment takes that sentiment to the next level. Tricked into thinking the gang was teaching others how to jump out of planes, the reveal that sky-diving is in fact Murr's punishment is almost as satisfying as watching the distress on his face during the flight. The Season 3 premiere episode "Look Out Below" is where the punishment comes from, with Murr losing two out of three challenges. The "We Let the Dogs Out" challenge sees the boys working a hot dog cart while being told what to do, leading to Murr refusing to take a little boy's hat and throw it. Straight after, "Invention Intervention" shows teams pitching their fake inventions, with Murr bringing in the lowest show of hands.

It's no secret on "Impractical Jokers" that Murr is absolutely terrified of heights. In a 2016 interview with Sling Television, he described how pushing each other to the limit is exactly what solidifies their friendship. "A few seasons ago they threw me out of an airplane – and I'm terrified of heights – for a punishment and it was hysterical because I cried like a very young school child; it was so funny and terrifying," Murr said. "We're always pushing boundaries, but we know, generally, we're not going to kill anybody or rob a bank. Other than that, I think anything's game."

6. Best Man Speech Goes Horribly Wrong

When the "Impractical Jokers" team goes to the chapel, they might not always get married, but they will always bring chaos. Sal's back in the losers' chair in the Season 3 episode "Toasted," being forced to deliver a wedding speech on a random couple's big day that has been written by the other Jokers. It's not the only time Sal has been to an "Impractical Jokers" wedding, with this punishment setting him up to watch Murr later marry his sister. Viewers found the whole ordeal painfully awkward, and it has also been voted as one of the most cringe-worthy punishments of all time on the show.

According to the show's Instagram page, there was actually a handful of wedding guests who recognized Sal when he went up to give his speech. The bride and groom were thrilled, with an interview after their big day stating: "My name is Gary, and this is my wife Crystal, we're huge fans of Impractical Jokers, and they made our night." Though Gary and Crystal were great sports — and in on the joke the entire time — Sal wasn't so lucky, refusing to put a pen up his nose after it went in his mouth and losing in a debate in the episode's two prior challenges.

5. Murr Braves the Wheel of Piercing

Though piercings technically aren't as permanent as tattoos, Murr's time in the piercing chair on "Impractical Jokers" is enough to deem it as one of the best punishments of all time. Thanks to the so-called "Wheel of Piercings," Murr's final tally ends up being two nipple piercings and a belly button piercing. Though some fans think that Murr can actually pull the body jewelry off, many agree that this is in line with some of the show's best old-school punishments, such as the lie detector test Murr took at his former high school.

The punishment also cements a running joke through the show when viewers see something resembling a ferret getting a piercing. After Murr's sky-diving punishment, he becomes synonymous with the squealing animal, actually having a sky-diving ferret tattooed on himself in a later episode. Though fans have speculated that the segment might have been retaped if things actually went too far, Murr later brushed off the apparent pain in a tweet, saying, "I was born with abnormally hard nipples." Could Murr's piercings have made him the most unlikely sex symbol of 2015? Very possibly.

4. Wedding of the Century

Considering Murr's sky-diving punishment is easily considered one of his personal worst, it's no surprise that he would want revenge for it. He gets the opportunity in the Season 3 finale "Brother-in-Loss," by blindfolding and strapping Sal down to take him to a mystery location — which turns out to be a church where he watches Murr marry Sal's sister, Jenna. Though the disapproval is clear throughout the punishment, Sal is physically unable to object after having his mouth duct-taped shut. It takes him a whole season to get his revenge back, with the Season 4 finale seeing Murr have his chest hair formed into a coconut bra design after not being allowed to shave in a specific area for three months. But the kicker is that the actual punishment forces him to go shirtless in a flash mob — that ends with a replica of his childhood blanket being destroyed.

The punishment is ideal for "Impractical Jokers" fans to watch back and spot the hidden details, and it might be as much of a surprise to learn that Murr was in fact legally married to Sal's sister, though it was annulled after one day. It also leans into how the world of "Impractical Jokers" works, with Sal's family dynamics and the cast's marital statuses also touched on as a result of the punishment. Sal was the clear loser of the entire episode, taking dual losses in "Help Unwanted" and "By Imitation Only." We can't help but think that Murr must have been rubbing his hands with glee.

3. Public Speaking On Anesthetic

Considering how many public speeches the "Impractical Jokers" guys have given, they're probably on track to deliver a stellar TED talk. In the Season 3 episode "In Poor Taste Buds," the team ups the ante on a tried-and-tested punishment by introducing an anesthetic. Murr must pretend to be a culinary expert while presenting foods from around the world, yet he cannot taste or hold in the goods after being injected with Novocaine. Some viewers have cited it as one of the most reliable punishments to belly-laugh along to, chalking it up to how brazen the Jokers have managed to get by their third season.

According to a 2014 interview with the Miami New Times, fellow prankster Joe credits the series as a chance to "Basically take turns to embarrass each other." This is one that leaves Murr particularly red-faced. He'd already been humiliated by being made to ask clients to participate in "strip tennis" in the "Tennis Chumps" challenge while posing as an instructor on the court. Murr's path to Loserville was briefly interrupted by successfully executing his command of shouting "Right here, Peter!" during "Now! Again!" But as none of the cast lost, Murr was the only one heading for the doctor's chair.

2. Public Prostate Exam

If you ever needed proof that Murr is dealt a pretty harsh hand in terms of punishments, the fact that he ends up having two prostate exams on "Impractical Jokers" says it all. The most famous of the two occurs in the Season 5 episode "Dark Side of the Moon," in which Murr has to volunteer for a free exam by one doctor, though it ultimately leads to another one for a supposed second opinion. Though some fans might say that this punishment goes too far, it's also a great example of awareness, with Murr taking it all in stride as something that needs to be done.

Murr's journey to his punishment wasn't an easy one, either. The "Pass It On" challenge shows him failing to get someone to deliver his message in a supermarket. He also refuses to insult a participant in "Just Beat It," where the cast poses as newspaper reporters asking off-the-wall questions written by the others. In a 2016 interview with the Green Bay Press Gazette, Murr explained that there was an added benefit to going through the ordeal. "​​A month ago, in front of a room full of 50 guys, they had two doctors give me two different prostate exams," he said. "But you'll be glad to know my prostate looks good."

1. Three Jokers Get Inked

Are the permanent punishments in "Impractical Jokers" the scariest? According to Q — and anyone else in that situation — the answer is a definite yes. In the Season 3 episode "The Permanent Punishment," Q, Murr, and Sal all have a three-way punishment after losing a challenge attaching balloons to customers without getting caught. It's revealed that Joe gets to choose an embarrassing tattoo for each, with Q's involving a cat, Murr's a ferret, and Sal's a portrait of Jaden Smith. It might be the most ridiculous concept featured on "Impractical Jokers" to date, playing into each of their insecurities already explored throughout the series.

While answering fan questions in a behind-the-scenes interview, Q confirmed that his "38. Lives alone. Has three cats." tattoo was the scariest punishment he ever took part in. It's something he's been able to take in his stride as the years have passed, tweeting something similar for his 46th birthday back in 2022. Fans of the show look back at it as one of the funniest punishments of all time, even considering how betrayed the friends seem. At the end of the day, it's best summed up by Joe's initial reasoning for picking something permanent: "It's just funny."