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Love Is Blind: Bliss Admittedly Cringed At Zack's Song In The Pods (& So Did We)

Let's be real: sometimes life is just cringey. And when you have cameras following your every move, there's going to be some cringe thrown into the mix at some point. Netflix's "Love is Blind" is no stranger to this, and the recently ended fourth season had a number of moments to make viewers wince. But out of all those moments, the one that may take the cake is when Zack sings to Irina, the woman he dated before he ultimately ended up with Bliss. 

The couple actually discussed as much in a candid conversation with Cut after the show when they're asked about any cringey moments during the courtship. After admitting there were ample cringey opportunities, Bliss reminded him, "Your song might have been pretty cringey." The scene then cuts to the singing in question, and even at the moment, Irina couldn't help but crack a smile. Zack couldn't spin that moment any other way: "Yeah, that was a shocker." Ultimately, it didn't matter because Bliss said yes at the end anyway, but fans agree it was tough to watch. 

Love is Blind fans don't understand why Zack wants to sing

Zack's ode to Irina wasn't even an original ballad. The song actually comes from the band Ludo, specifically their tune "Sara's Song." Zack merely repurposed some of the lyrics to incorporate Irina's name in there and add some details about their experience with "Love is Blind." But don't worry; Ludo is well aware of the situation and actually gave their blessing for the moment to take place. The band took to Twitter to write, "So many of you sending this our way. Thank you! Yes, we know and the show got our permission. Glad to know you guys are looking out for us!"

Things only take a bit of an awkward turn when Zack claimed to have written a song for Irina, which everyone seems to agree was embarrassing since it was clearly a Ludo song. Regardless, many "Love is Blind" fans found the moment to be positively cringeworthy. Redditor u/899bubble summed up a lot of people's feelings, "This was so painful to listen to. Like I would not be able to take that seriously if I was her. So cringe." Others took the cringe in a different direction and thought it made Zack look like a sweet guy, like u/jeanqueenabove_18 writing, "Aww he's just a dork. A sweet, cute dork. He gives me some ick but I'm sure he'll eventually meet a sweet lady and become a corny fun dad."

Singing to a paramour is nothing new in the courtship process, and Zack was simply doing something he thought his partner would appreciate. As long as he doesn't try to woo someone with Ludo's "Love Me Dead," he should be just fine.