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Love Is Blind: Micah And Irina's Mean Girl Act Doesn't Fly With Fans

If you've been watching Season 4 of "Love is Blind" — the first 11 episodes are currently available to watch on Netflix, with the finale set to premiere on April 14 — then you know that this season has two contestants who are best described as mean girls. Micah and Irina, who became friends in the pods, quickly made themselves known as such.

In the earlier episodes of the season, Micah and Irina are seen laughing at both the men they date in the pods and the other women. In the second episode, Micah sends Irina over to eavesdrop on another contestant, Amber, who is heartbroken over Paul picking Micah over her; the two subsequently laugh over the matter while Amber cries. Similarly, at another point, Micah and Irina are seen grinning at each other while Jackie cries on the couch about her conflicting feelings. They even spend time calling other people "losers" or "nerds," in typical mean-girl fashion. Suffice it to say, they aren't exactly exhibiting supportive behavior toward the other women in the experiment, as viewers have seen from the women of previous seasons.

So how have audiences responded to Micah and Irina's behavior? They don't approve at all — and have made that clear on social media. One fan, u/exquisitelywrong, called out the childish behavior on Reddit, writing, "Irina did NOT tiptoe over there and crouch down to listen in on another woman's distress, so that she and Micah could laugh about it?! What terrible high school is this?"

Fans elsewhere on the internet, from Reddit to Twitter, completely agree.

Love is Blind viewers are not fans of Micah and Irina

You'd be hard-pressed to find any "Love is Blind" fan on social media who actually approves of Micah and Irina's mean-girl behavior. More than one fan has called out the fact that their behavior resembles that of stereotypical high school mean girls. On Reddit, u/Accurate-Lettuce8516 wrote, "Every time Micah speaks I get such intense flashbacks to the mean girls in my high school lol. It's so bizarre to see that exact behavior so blatantly from an adult." And u/Carolina_Blues wrote, "micah and irina are definitely the girls that peaked in high school."

Meanwhile, Twitter users have the same consensus. One user, @callysmithx, declared that the two shouldn't have even been let onto the reality TV show: "It's actually so uncomfortable watching them be just complete and utter mean girls for no reason." Further, @AquanxD called out some of the pair's worst qualities, writing, "Irina and Micah are the worst. Micah purposefully gaslights the guys about who they're into and Irina tears down other women for fun." User @kylie_adams_ declared they can't be friends with anyone who didn't immediately dislike Micah and Irina's behavior.

Other fans have pointed out the fact that Micah's friends outside of the pod are no better and also exhibit plenty of mean girl behavior. In Episode 8, Micah introduced Paul to her friends, one of whom, Shelby, was super judgemental toward Paul for seemingly no reason. On Twitter, user @camgyopsal wrote, "Micah's friend Shelby is just a blonde Irina you can't convince me otherwise." Echoing that, @zanaduxx wrote, "Micah's best friend is literally irina in a blonde wig."