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Pump Rules Fans Are Going Wild Over The First On-Screen Scandoval Reveal

The tenth season of "Vanderpump Rules" still has several episodes left, but fans are going absolutely wild over their first real glimpse at "Scandoval" on screen.

Ever since news broke that Tom Sandoval and Rachel "Raquel" Leviss had been carrying on a secret affair for months — despite Sandoval's nine-year relationship with fellow cast member Ariana Madix — fans have been scouring new episodes every single Wednesday to see what clues they can dig up about this enormous scandal. Finally, in the eleventh episode of Season 10, "Mistress in Distress," viewers got a huge reveal about Scandoval thanks to a revelation from a brand new player.

Season 10 saw the debut of Ally Lewber, new girlfriend of DJ James Kennedy, and she dropped a bombshell in Episode 11 that probably seemed meaningless at the time but has shattering implications now. As she relayed to James, she told Lala Kent and other cast members off-screen that she saw Leviss and Sandoval dancing together at Los Angeles bar The Abbey in the early morning hours without Madix, which she thought was... relatively odd. Obviously, this is an enormous thing, and fans took notice.

"SHE IS THE MOMENT," @trinawatters wrote on Twitter with a screenshot of Ally telling the story. Using a similar screengrab, @queensofbravo wrote, "I'm shaking. I'm physically shaking." @6thGreekLetter had similar feelings: "Oh, sh**. James' GF caught Ariana and Sandoval together first?"

Katie Maloney confronted Sandoval over this bombshell

Another smoking Scandoval gun comes right at the end of the episode when everyone's gathered for Kent's birthday, where Leviss' recent dalliance with Oliver Saunders is a hotly discussed topic. After kissing Saunders in a previous episode, Leviss learns that he's not quite as separated from his wife as he's claimed, and throughout this episode, she's upset when she's described by his wife as a "mistress" online. (Ironic, truly.) When Sandoval accuses Katie Maloney of taking "joy" in Leviss' distress, she responds, "You get a lot of joy out of Raquel as well, I think," confronting him about their tryst at The Abbey. (Sandoval doesn't even deny it but just gets kind of mad, proving her point.)

Maloney can definitely be a divisive figure throughout the "Vanderpump Rules" fandom, but fans loved this moment. As @Mediocritea_ wrote, "KATIE CLOCKED IT YALL!!!! It is happening!!!" @dailybravomail agreed, saying, "OUFFFF the way my b**** Katie Maloney ate his ass up here and left no crumbs looking cute and unbothered." @dontactivateme couldn't believe the audacity of either Sandoval or Leviss, pairing their take with several panels of Maloney going after Sandoval: "The fact people were starting to clock sandy and Bambi and they STILL had a 7 month affair!"

Tom Sandoval's behavior on Vanderpump Rules is totally suspicious

To tell the truth, "Mistress in Distress" is, by far, Sandoval's shadiest episode yet. Even the matriarch of the entire show, Lisa Vanderpump, got weird vibes from him in a scene where he gets Leviss to sit between himself and Tom Schwartz — Maloney's ex-husband who had his own brief flirtation with Leviss — under the guise of making them hang out. He's so lecherous about Leviss, though, that Vanderpump herself chastises her. Fans like @TweetiepieHawly correctly pointed this out, saying, "Lisa caught the red flag in Sandoval's smile with Raquel at the table. Women know. We can tell."

Throughout Season 10, Sandoval has been ardently defending Leviss against any number of detractors, including Kent and Maloney — and if we didn't know about Scandoval, it would all seem relatively innocent. With that knowledge, though, this all feels so explosive. As @Roe30111524 put it, "Lastnight episode wasn't normal at all the signs were all in big letters no way if we didn't know about this affair not knowing this would be going on." With each passing "Vanderpump Rules" episode, there's more and more for fans to unpack about the reality show's biggest scandal in years, and "Mistress in Distress" definitely didn't disappoint.

Scandoval just keeps getting wilder and wilder

Ever since news of Scandoval broke in early March of 2023, new information has come out about Leviss and Sandoval's affair at a rate that can only be described as fast and furious — and it's all pretty wild. Even the way Madix found out about the two is absolutely ridiculous; during a performance by Sandoval's vanity project that he personally funds, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras, Madix reportedly discovered an explicit recording of a FaceTime video between Leviss and Sandoval... and that was just the start.

Every single cast member — current and former — has weighed in on the Scandoval of it all at this point, providing more and more information for hungry fans. Schwartz, the undisputed champion of saying way too much, appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" and revealed more about the timeline of the affair than anyone previously knew. Cast members like Scheana Shay and Lala Kent have teased that the upcoming multi-part reunion special will be the best the series has ever seen. Maloney recently revealed that Schwartz dropped a huge hint about the affair long before anyone else knew, and former cast member Kristen Doute — who once dated Tom Sandoval — is even returning to the show to be a part of the fallout.

"Vanderpump Rules" airs new episodes on Bravo on Wednesdays at 9 P.M. EST, with the finale airing on May 17 and the first part of the reunion on May 24.