Love Is Blind: Vanessa Lachey Sent Paul Flowers After That Heated Reunion Exchange

The "Love is Blind" Season 4 reunion released after a day-long delay and a fumbled live reunion, and with it came plenty of confrontations. One person who spent the longest time in the hot seat was Paul Peden, who said no to Micah Lussier at the altar. 

Peden fielded a slew of questions from host Vanessa Lachey about a comment he made on the show in regard to not being able to see Lussier as a mother. At the reunion, Lussier expressed how much the comment hurt.

"I think I phrased that really unfairly toward her," Peden said on the reunion. "I don't think it was a reflection of what she was capable of or anything like that. I think the better way to phrase that would've been 'I don't see us as parents.'" He went on to speculate that maybe he couldn't see Lussier's nurturing side because the two of them weren't a good fit together. 

Lachey kept asking questions to clarify, making Peden repeat that he didn't see a nurturing side to Lussier, but that does not mean she is incapable of being nurturing. Lachey appeared to be siding with Lussier, stating she was "confused" and thought Peden was dodging the question. After Lussier said that Peden should have communicated this concern with her, Lachey agreed with Lussier and asked Peden to explain his actions.

Naturally, Peden wasn't happy with how much he was interrogated. He addressed this directly in an interview with Entertainment Tonight

"I think Vanessa might have had a little bit of personal bias in that scenario," Peden said, "or at least I kind of detected that." In the aftermath, Lachey sent Peden flowers as an apology.

Paul posted the flowers sent by Vanessa on his Instagram story

It seems that Vanessa Lachey attempted to clear the air after pressing Paul Peden about his comment on Micah Lussier as a mother during the "Love is Blind" live reunion. Paul posted a photo of a flower bouquet to his Instagram story with the caption, "Thanks for acknowledging the accidental misleading @vanessalachey." While the wording is a bit confusing, Peden likely meant to thank Lachey for acknowledging that she may have contributed to a misleading narrative about what Peden meant by his comment.

In his interview with Entertainment Tonight, Peden elaborated on why he felt uncomfortable by Lachey's questioning, noting that his decision boiled down to more than just that one comment he made.

"I think it was extremely reductive in the way that they dismissed all nuance and complexity in why I said no," Peden said. "It was framed as the reason that I said no was that she wasn't able to fill a mothering role and a nurturing atmosphere and whatever. That was one piece of the puzzle. It was incredibly complex, but that was the answer. That was the reason why, and that's just a fraction of the story."