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Modern Family: Where The Show Takes Place & Filming Locations

By now it's become pretty apparent that the choice of filming locations can help make or break a TV series. Many fans would agree that "Modern Family" knocked it out of the park in this department by not only setting its 11 seasons in real life locations, but the show's creators also successfully matched the perfect homes to the Dunphy/Pritchett clan. The show was primarily shot in and around Los Angeles, with the majority of the interior scenes filmed on built sets at the 20th Century Fox Studios located in Century City, CA. As for each house, it was truly an impressive accomplishment the way producers zeroed in on the perfect complementary dwelling of each branch of the "Modern Family" tree.

There's little doubt that Phil (Ty Burrell) scored a pretty sweet deal for his family's four-bedroom home, considering he's a real estate agent. The family home's exterior of is located in Los Angeles, less than a couple miles from the studios. The real 2,792 square ft. home was built in 2006 and first sold for $2.14 million. Although this single-family dwelling perfectly matches Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil's five-member tribe, the interior was primarily built on set. This house may lack style and luxury, but that's where the focus shifts to the other two homes featured on the show, both successfully reflecting the other characters.

Filming took the cast outside of Los Angeles

If you had to pick out a couple of words to describe Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), they would probably be "charm" and "style." That's also the perfect way to describe the house chosen for the couple and their daughter Lily (Aubrey Anderson Emmons). In the show, this part of the family lives on the bottom level of a duplex, and its actual location is on a picturesque street in Century City, CA. Once again, the interior scenes were primarily built at the studios, but the exterior house shots were done at this artsy home. As nice as it is, it doesn't compare to the crown jewel of the "Modern Family" homes, Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Gloria's (Sophia Vergara) impressive abode.

Fans of the series know that Jay runs a successful business and that's allowed him to live in a certain level of luxury. That's apparent when you take a look at the exterior of his home, which is located in Brentwood, California. Brentwood is known to be one of the nicest areas in the Los Angeles area with plenty of celebrities knocking out their morning jogs on it's streets. The house that's featured was built in 1992 with Redfin now estimating the value near $11.5 million. Of course, with a series running as long as this one has, there were many more locations visited, even some outside Los Angeles. Family vacations took "Modern Family" to places like Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Australia, and Paris, with the assumption that it was all on Jay's dime.