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Unfriended: Dark Web Trailer Connects You To A World Of Evil

Unfriended: Dark Web is here to connect you to the weird part of the internet. 

Following a surprise premiere at this year's SXSW, Blumhouse has released the first trailer for its extremely online, shot-in-secret horror sequel, Unfriended: Dark Web

The original Unfriended, released in 2014, followed a group of students hanging out online who are all attacked by the vengeful spirit of their bullied friend.  

Made for only a million dollars, the movie ended up grossing over sixty times that at the global box office, so while the sequel may have been produced in secret, its existence isn't a huge surprise. 

Instead of following up on the original's decidedly supernatural style, the sequel (formerly known as Unfriended: Game Night) appears to stand on its own, sporting a story about international conspiracy rather than one about literal ghosts in the machine. 

While it appears to carry the original movie's themes of online horrors having real-life consequences, Unfriended: Dark Web takes things a step further by introducing a globe-spanning network of anonymous evildoers who trade kidnapped girls and snuff films on the mysterious "dark web" — which is an actual thing, albeit not so, uh, exciting in real life. 

Like the original Unfriended, the "cybernatural" sequel takes place entirely within the confines of a laptop screen. With its plot of a secret society kidnapping and terrorizing people for the entertainment of others online, the movie appears to have more than a little in common with the well-done 2013 horror movie The Den

The movie is the directorial debut of Stephen Susco, who was previously known for his work as a writer on the horror films The Grudge, The Grudge 2, and Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Unfriended: Dark Web will be out in theaters on July 20.