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TWD: Dead City Teases A Walker So Horrific It Might Make Some Fans Throw Up

AMC's "Walking Dead" franchise is well-known for creating some of the most horrifying (and realistic) zombies ever caught on camera. It's very common to see walkers with missing chunks of skull, missing jaws, or half of their ribcage exposed — all while they're bearing down on the survivors amid an endless horde of undead. Although "The Walking Dead" has already introduced us to some of the most revolting zombies in all of fiction, the upcoming spin-off series "The Walking Dead: Dead City" promises a new walker that is more horrific than any we've seen before.

"There are some incredibly notable walkers this season," said chief content officer Scott M. Gimple while discussing "Dead City" with Collider. "There's one that I think will both invoke awe in people, but they also might throw up. It is one of the most awesome, disgusting, terrifying walkers that I've seen in the history of the show." Gimple went on to say that this particular walker is so "mind-bendingly horrific" that he's actually glad he didn't have to see it on set.

Fans will certainly be on the lookout for this horrific new walker once "Dead City" premieres on June 18, and perhaps they ought to heed Gimple's warning and keep a bucket nearby just in case.

What makes this particular walker so horrifying?

For all of Scott M. Gimple's assurances that this is the most disgusting walker in the series' history, we still don't know what makes this particular zombie so much more nauseating than the rest. It's very possible that this walker's revolting aura might come from some form of body horror given all the missing limbs and mangled body parts we've seen in earlier episodes of the series.

It's also possible that this walker might be a one-of-a-kind horror, like the "variant" walker in Season 11, Episode 19 of "The Walking Dead." The variant walkers we've met in the past are usually defined by their unusually high intelligence, possibly due to a mutation or evolution within the horde that makes certain zombies even more powerful than their counterparts.

Because we already know that these variant walkers are out there, it stands to reason that another form of variant walker might be out there as well — possibly one with grotesque mutations or disgusting abilities unlike anything we've ever seen before, similar to the bloater from HBO's "The Last of Us." Gimple certainly makes it sound like this walker is one of the single most horrible creatures we'll have ever seen on television, and fans will undoubtedly let their imaginations run wild thinking about what this terrifying new walker could look like until then.