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The Last Of Us Fans Are All In For The Bloater

Just as apocalypse fans say goodbye to "The Walking Dead" in a record-breaking finale, a new infection is about to hit our screens. Developed from Neil Druckmann's pop culture phenomenon, "The Last of Us" is set to air on HBO in January of 2023. Pedro Pascal stars in a familiar role as a curmudgeon who finds himself a reluctant father figure. After a viral infection decimates the world, Joel (Pascal) is tasked with smuggling teenager Ellie (Bella Ramsey) who may be the key to everyone's survival. Already, "The Last of Us" trailer has revealed Ellie's immunity as well as sequences that are shot-for-shot recreations of the game.

Fans are waiting with bated breath just to see how well HBO does in adapting the critically acclaimed video game. Historically the medium has not had the greatest success with video game adaptations and this is the perfect opportunity to get it right. Since the newest trailer for the apocalypse drama has dropped, viewers have taken confidence in the dangerous monster that appears at the end.

The bloater's appearance is a good sign

As an extremely highly rated video game, there is a lot of pressure hinging on "The Last of Us" (via Metacritic). In many ways, the game transcends the medium with its startling visuals and the artfully written themes about the toxic cycle of revenge. But while we will have to wait to see if the television series can stick the landing, fans at least have confirmation that one of the Big Bads will be lumbering toward our heroes in full force. Bloaters are one of the most formidable opponents in the game as well as the rarest. Developed after years of infection, they use echolocation to trap victims and also spew spores to infect others. The internet was aflutter with Reddit reactions to the arrival of the creature.

"BLOATER HYPE," exclaimed u/ChuckMoody. Redditor u/djm9 felt that this was a good sign for the series. "They actually brought out the [b]loater. This is gonna be great," they posted. As misogynist gamers have proven, not everyone is going to be happy with "The Last of Us" (via Polygon). Luckily so far, very little criticism has been lobbied at the new show. Though still early, these fan reactions are a good omen. On Twitter, @_ShauryaChawla celebrated the components of the trailer, holding out high hope for the upcoming series: "In absolute awe of the fact that they actually managed to convincingly pull off a [b]loater in live-action [sic]."