90 Day Fiancé The Other Way: Did Kris Abandon Jeymi In Colombia?

It's perhaps no secret to anyone tuning into this "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" season that Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera's relationship has reached a boiling point. After a few chaotic days of health dilemmas, trust issues, and questionable financial choices, the two former online friends finally married. But not long after, Kris drops a bombshell on Jeymi, pushing their love to the limit.

Following their wedding, Kris informs her partner that she has to return to her home state of Alabama to take care of bank issues and get medication for her health problems that isn't available in Colombia. Even though Kris claims she'll be back in under two weeks, Jeymi is especially distraught by the news, given Kris' past ghosting habits. Perhaps predictably, Jeymi's intuitions aren't entirely off.

An exclusive sneak peek featured on PEOPLE of the Sunday, April 16 episode of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" reveals that Kris has been gone for three months. In that time, she has only called Jeymi three times, claiming that her many odd jobs have kept her busy. Jeymi, who has not worked since Kris' arrival to Colombia, is frustrated by the cold-shouldering nevertheless, even proclaiming at one point during a video call, "The money is more important [than our relationship]. OK, no problem." As upsetting as this development is, "90 Day" fans likely saw this coming from a mile away.

Little time to know each other has led to some big problems

To put it lightly, Kris and Jeymi's courtship should not be considered a recommendable path. The "90 Day Fiancé" couple share a similarly repressive upbringing, as neither grew up in communities that accepted their attraction towards other women. Jeymi's family is still unaware of her marriage to Kris. After some time online, Kris chose to drop her life in Alabama to marry Jeymi within nine days of landing in Colombia. Even before their in-person relationship, the two saw issues when Kris ghosted Jeymi 20 days before her birthday, while Jeymi connected with another woman during that time.

After meeting each other in real life, things start spiraling out of control. While Kris entered the country with great energy, it wouldn't take long for her narcolepsy and back issues to spring up on her. This, along with the $100,000 back surgery Kris has been holding off, takes Jeymi largely by surprise. Kris later goes on to describe a court appearance she's unaware if she needs to attend that could postpone the wedding, although this never materializes. Jeymi has her faults as well, going over budget when finding an apartment for the two, little to Kris' knowledge.

With little time to get to know each other beforehand, it's no wonder that Kris and Jeymi have faced so many dilemmas. And if such harmful behavior continues, this relationship's days are numbered.