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90 Day Fiancé Fans Claim To Have Actually Learned Lessons From The Show

For many years, "90 Day Fiancé" has become must-watch television. The show follows various couples each season, one of whom is not an American citizen, as they navigate the K-1 visa process to hopefully marry and live happily ever after. Of course, this being a reality series, there's plenty of drama, cultural differences, and fights (that may or may not be staged) to keep viewers invested year after year.

Despite its reality show roots, the show is ultimately on The Learning Channel (TLC), so it's only natural that people be expected to take something away from the series. That was the topic of discussion on one such Reddit thread, where u/cat432 asked, "Okay guys. Real talk. What valuable knowledge have we learned from 90 Day Fiance?" Naturally, this being Reddit, most people were jokey with their responses, like u/Creepy_Buying saying, "People will sell their souls for $1000 an episode." Meanwhile, Redditor u/Phylace learned something a lot of people could benefit from, "Use birth control on vacation!" While plenty of people had fun at the prompt's expense, others have actually taken away valuable lessons from watching "90 Day Fiancé."

90 Day Fiancé has actually been valuable in teaching people about other cultures

With numerous drama-filled moments, it's easy to make jokes about what one can learn from "90 Day Fiancé." But some people took the question seriously and really considered what they have taken away from the show over the years. There were actually quite a few responses from people who appreciated learning about customs from other cultures outside of the United States, like u/In_Tents_Mom listing several interesting facts, "Ukrainians pronounce Europe as 'Yuvrup,' twenty-something Jamaican tourism workers might not acclimate to the expectations of monogamy, no public displays of affection in Morocco, or with Muslim men in general, the value of the currency in Thailand is constantly changing."

Outside of learning about other cultures, many people have used the show to reevaluate what they value in any romantic relationship. For example, u/moonpuddding dissected some true words to live by: "Leave a relationship if you're not happy. Leave if you're happy but things aren't adding up. Trust your gut. Don't stay long enough to get deeper and deeper in until you humiliate yourself and alienate yourself from everyone who tries to help you out of it." From learning the signs of toxic relationships to simply becoming more worldly, people get as much out of "90 Day Fiancé" as they put in. 

The series certainly can qualify as trashy reality TV, but it can prove invaluable to people who are perhaps navigating similar situations in their own lives. Above all else, anyone watching can feel all right that their lives probably aren't as dysfunctional as these people's.