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Power Rangers: Bryan Cranston Was Involved With The Franchise Long Before The 2017 Movie

The jaws of "Breaking Bad" fans collectively hit the floor when it was announced that Bryan Cranston was cast in the 2017 "Power Rangers" film as mentor and former Red Ranger Zordon. However, even some longtime fans might be surprised to learn that this wasn't Cranston's first rodeo in the beloved superhero franchise. 

Before the "Godzilla" actor took on the role that David J. Fielding originated in the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" TV series, Cranston himself featured in the iconic 90's show, albeit in a significantly smaller role. He shares on a Reddit AMA when a fan asks if it's true that Cranston once voiced a villainous role on the original show to which the actor replies, "I'm doing action chops write now to depict that. I did voice work for the Power Rangers years and years ago. Someone once told me they named the blue Power Ranger after me, his last name was Cranston. I found out years later that was true." 

While Cranston's claim about the Blue Ranger may not be entirely accurate, as Billy Cranston existed long before in the 1986 pilot "Bio-Man," it is true that the Emmy winner provided voice work for the show. And let's just say these roles don't exactly give Walter White vibes. 

Cranston voiced two nasty baddies on the show's first season

Bryan Cranston's first go-around in the "Power Rangers" universe came in the first season of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," where he provided the voice of the evil Snizzard in the episode "Foul Play in the Sky." Created by Finster, Snizzard is sent out to — surprise, surprise — destroy the Power Rangers. The villain manages to hold his own against the heroes for some time with his powerful Zapper Apple and the ability to summon armies of Putties. It isn't until Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) returns after being trapped on a plane that they are able to overpower their opponent, with the Pink Ranger shooting his Zapper Apple with an arrow. 

But Cranston's next "Rangers" antagonist, Twin Man, had more sinister plans. Featured on the Season 1 episode "A Bad Reflection on You," Twin Man transformed four putties into an identical version of the Power Rangers team. The Evil Power Rangers went about causing havoc to tarnish the name of the real team, who eventually face off against the devious doppelgängers. Twin Man goes toe-to-toe with Jason (Austin St. John) and even manages to stand his ground for some time. But an attack from the Rangers' arsenal eventually brings the villain to an explosive end. 

It seems it was high time for Cranston to play a good guy in this universe — no telling how much more of a beating he could take.