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Blue Bloods Fans Think Abigail Baker Has The Second-Most Iconic Stare On The Show

"Blue Bloods" star Abigail Hawk has portrayed detective Abby Baker since the character made her debut in Season 1, Episode 2, "Samaritan." Abby aids her boss, New York City Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), in the day-to-day responsibilities of his office. Frank and Abby's rapport has certainly evolved over the years. In addition to a strong working relationship, the commish and his confidant also share a unique way of communicating without uttering a single word: their jaw-dropping facial expressions. And the fans think Abby's stare is the second-most iconic on the CBS police procedural next to Frank's.

Abby's facial expressions might not quite be on par with the commissioner's, but they have developed a hilarious shorthand that requires no words — their eyes tell one another the whole story. "I watched early episodes through S5 and only in the last few weeks started binging early episodes through S6-S9," u/JardinSurLeToit wrote on Reddit. "I die laughing every time the secretary/gatekeeper/detective/counselor Baker shoots him a dramatic look as the door to the office closes. Maybe I'm a nut, but it cracks me up! Just wondering."

"Lmfao!!! I loved it too!" u/maybsminnie responded. "I saw a post on here where someone said they should make a reel of just her stares as the door closes. Brilliant!" Baker's steely stares may not have the Medusa-like power possessed by her boss, but her facial expressions always say so much.

Abby's stare isn't quite as jaw-dropping as Frank's

"Blue Bloods" character Abby Baker's iconic stare can come across as deliciously Jerry Seinfeld-esque when she shoots someone a much-deserved look, even if it is behind their back. Sure, it doesn't carry the same weight, or have the impact as Commissioner Reagan's (Selleck) facial expressions. But if looks could kill, both Frank and his assistant are liable to stare anyone into submission. Plus, you can almost always count on a much-needed moment of levity during the crime drama when Abby does her thing.

"Does anyone else laugh their heads off when they get that door-closing glare from Baker when someone leaves the Commissioner's office?" u/JardinSurLeToit posed the question in a Reddit post. "Agreed, I love Baker's looks!" u/1Trailwatcher commented. "Iconic Baker XD," another Redditor, u/BMallory413, added.

However, Baker will always take the silver medal when it comes to comparing her stares to those wielded by her boss. "It's the second-most famous facial expression in this show after Frank Reagan's concerned look," u/ High-Time-Cymbaline argued. "Pursing his lips and breathing in at the end of a scene. You know the Commish's got some serious dilemma on his hands." With any luck, Abby will light up the internet with a much-needed, watercooler-worthy stare before or during the Season 13 finale on May 19.