HIMYF Theory: Fans Think Jesse's Song Will Come Back, Yellow Umbrella Style

The Season 2 mid-season finale of "How I Met Your Father" came with many surprises. Jesse (Christopher Lowell) admitted to still having feelings for Sophie (Hilary Duff), Valentina (Francia Raisa) found out about those feelings, and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) returned once again.

However, fans gravitated toward the return of the love song that Jesse wrote Sophie, thinking it could be like the yellow umbrella used throughout "How I Met Your Mother." From the beginning of the series, the umbrella connected Ted (Josh Radnor) and the Mother (Cristin Milioti), with fans waiting for it to lead them to each other finally. With "How I Met Your Father," fans have already decided that Sophie and Jesse are the endgame, and his love song to her could be the thread that links them.

Following the mid-season finale, fans took to Reddit to discuss the episode, where u/highlyflammablellama suggested, "The love song Jessie wrote for Sophie seems like it's going to become another 'yellow umbrella' type of thing – very excited to see where things go with that." From there, fans took the conversation even deeper.

Could Jesse be the father?

"How I Met Your Mother" left fans guessing who the Mother was for a very long time, so "How I Met Your Father" could follow in its footsteps or tread its own trail, having the Father on the show from the start. Either way, there's absolutely zero chance that the spin-off series doesn't circle back to Jesse's song. 

U/james-h-got enjoyed the return of Jesse's song, saying, "The writers knew what they were doing." U/mtm4440 referred to a classic literary technique and called the receipt "Chehkov's love song," believing that fans will see its return once "How I Met Your Father" comes back from its hiatus. U/Gullible-Half-9548 got chills seeing Valentina put it back in the box, knowing someone else would find it. "Just the fact that they fix the camera on the lost and found box makes me think that if it's not the song, we will find something about the dad in the box," they wrote. 

U/Sisiwakanamaru wondered, "If we see the payoff for that Jesse love song," and the consensus was that it's definitely coming back. Another Redditor, u/Which_Ant1608, wrote, "Interesting that all the yellow umbrella things include Jesse, like the painting and the song." Lastly, u/pinkdecorations noted how the umbrella was a massive part of "How I Met Your Mother" and was technically a "lost and found" item. If the song doesn't become a similar object in this show, the lost and found box will undoubtedly play a massive role going forward.