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90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores And Jonathan Rivera's Club Fight Had Fans Divided

TLC's "90 Day Fiancé" seems to have found the perfect recipe for drama, which is arguably a constant in nearly every episode. Whether it's culture shock, age disparity, language barrier, unfaithfulness, and/or jealousy, there are many reasons why a couple on this reality show may experience friction in their relationship, to the point where it is inevitably broken off, green card or otherwise. For Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera, their motives for quarreling could include all of the above.

One of their on-camera fights took place after Fernanda spotted Jonathan dancing with another woman at the club. Hurt and outraged, the younger woman storms out of the club and demands the keys to the car. Their argument eventually concludes with Fernanda telling Jonathan he does not respect her.

Through a certain lens, Fernanda's reaction could be deemed immature. "I think Fernanda's a little too young for her to be able to handle this situation in a mature way," Jonathan later confided to the camera and the viewers. But do fans agree with this perspective? While some may perhaps see things in a similar light, others' agreement with the groom's statement ends at "a little too young."

Some funny comments surfaced out of this situation. "Him chasing after her like 'Fernanda!!!!' reminds me of a novela," wrote @ninetteh5250. However, most of the discussion surrounding this fight, and subsequently unveiled drama that occurred between the pair, is of a serious nature and shows how people seem to lean more toward one side versus the other. 

Although opinions differ, most fans believe Fernanda was in the right

There is no question that Fernanda Flores is considerably young in comparison to Jonathan Rivera, who was already 30 when he began dating the Mexican native who, at the time, was fresh out of high school. When commenting on the fight and the relationship in general, a lot of viewers acknowledged the age gap in a way that shows support toward the young woman. Many fans made it clear that being young is not a synonym for stupidity, implying that Fernanda's youth does not invalidate the legitimacy of her complaints. "She's old enough for you to lay up with but not old enough for you to respect?" asked YouTube user @rachelmm05.

"He's gaslighting her," wrote @Mister_CVC. "Yes, she might be young, but when she called him out that he was dancing with another girl, he responded with, 'she's not even my type.' That's inexcusable."

It appears that the consensus was that this was in no way a healthy relationship. "I really hope that they break up. He is not ready for marriage and she deserves a man she can trust," expressed @missniita, whose wish later came true.

The end to an unhealthy relationship

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera ended up breaking up and in the wake of their separation other worrying things came to light. Namely, Fernanda released a 40-minute-long video to YouTube, which has since been made private, telling her side of the story and making some concerning allegations about Jonathan. In this Reddit post discussing and summarizing the video, most of the comments on the thread also show support, if not sympathy for Fernanda's situation while in the shaky relationship. "I was getting triggered listening to her story," wrote the original poster, u/muaextraordinaire, in the thread. "I can see now all the signs."

"I believe her." said u/-ScareBear- "Nothing seems too ridiculous or unlikely."

That is not to say Fernanda doesn't have any valid criticisms against her. "I think they are both liars and it's hard to know what is the truth," commented u/Ilikeyou55. However, many fans seem to understand that Fernanda was put in an unfavorable position and that her ex-partner as the older and supposedly more mature of the two, had the responsibility to be more sensible and conscientious. 

By observing the chaotic day-to-day of some of these incompatible pairings like Fernanda and Jonathan, there are definitely valuable lessons that fans can learn so as to not fall into the same mistakes as them.