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Perry Mason Season 2 May Wrap Up Neatly, But Producers Would Love A Season 3

Season 2 of "Perry Mason" looks like it will follow suit with Season 1 of the HBO crime-mystery and legal thriller. Fans of the first season will recall that, despite the many character developments and plot threads, everything was more or less wrapped up by the time the season finale was finished. 

Sure, there was room for the characters to grow and navigate further mysteries while learning how to blend into their society, but as far as the central mystery surrounding the murder of infant Charles Dodson, everything came to a logical conclusion that lined up with all of the facts as they'd been presented.

However, with Season 2 taking a much different path, fans will no doubt be happy to learn that the case and the mystery of who hired the killers are both set to be resolved by the end of the second season of "Perry Mason." As executive producer Susan Downey told Collider, though she would be happy to see a third season, they don't want to jump the gun. "We are focused right now on everybody seeing and hopefully enjoying Season 2," Downey explained. "We're not getting ahead of ourselves."

The executive producers wanted the focus to be on Season 2

Despite the fact that the producers want to keep the focus on the story they're currently telling with "Perry Mason," Susan Downey also said that they are considering the future of the series. "The great news is there's a lot more story to be told, from both our character and the L.A. standpoint," she told Collider. "So if we were fortunate enough to have that opportunity, I know [executive producer Michael Beglar] has definitely been noodling with some really exciting ideas."

Given how much movements like #metoo and BLM have had us re-examining history and looking for the stories hidden in the cracks, "Perry Mason" has untold potential to tap into Los Angeles during its early years and explore the genesis of the fascinating but often troubled entertainment industry.

Still, Downey doubled down that Season 2 of "Perry Mason" is meant to be mostly self-contained in its storytelling approach. "We didn't end Season 2 thinking about the next season. We wanted to really complete the story arc," she went on. Well, with the second season set to wrap up soon, fans can look forward to seeing how the mystery and the trial play out in the finale.