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Fear The Walking Dead's Underground Water Scene Tested Jenna Elfman's Bandwidth

With the eighth and final season of "Fear the Walking Dead" soon to make its debut, the series has some pretty major loose-end tying to do. And as far as loose ends go in that particular part of the post-apocalyptic "Walking Dead" world go, the fate of June Dorie is one that the series writers really need to get right. That character is, of course, played by Jenna Elfman, who joined the post-apocalyptic madness early in the show's fourth season. And it's safe to say ensuing seasons of "Fear the Walking Dead" have been as rough on June as anyone still walking the walk of the living.

It's also safe to say Season 7 was particularly rough on her. June had already suffered heavy losses heading into the season, but the trend continued when her father-in-law John Dorie Sr. (Keith Carradine) finally met his grisly end. The elder Dorie did so while delivering Baby Mo back to Morgan Jones (Lennie James) for safe keeping. That tragic event occurred during the season's 12th episode, and after June failed to do so herself, almost dying in a Walker loaded, underground flooding event.

The taut underground scene was one of the season's legit, ahem, high-water marks. And according to Elfman, it was beyond difficult to shoot, with the actor telling Dead Talk Live, "Yeah, that was very time consuming in terms of bandwidth for everyone." As she went on to say, the scene was particularly tricky as,"There were so many factors to align."

Elfman says a lot of work went into that tense underground water scene

Jenna Elfman went on to say some of those factors were directly related to how many "Fear the Walking Dead" plot lines were colliding during the underground flooding scene. After detailing some of them, she admitted she spent considerable time prepping her part in all of the revelations. "Story wise, I spent hours the night before," she told Dead Talk Live, adding, "I even hopped on the phone with [showrunner] Ian Goldberg, because I just really wanted to make sure I was tracking every moment."

That phone call no doubt helped ease Elfman's mind about the scene's narrative intricacies, the immediacy of which were not lost on the actor, who said, "The stakes and the clock, that's like the motor for this scene for her [June Dorie]." But Elfman went on to admit that the intersecting stories paled in comparison to the work of actually shooting the scene, noting, "With the Walkers, those are all stunt people. And there were many different camera setups, and different times."

She goes on to marvel at how much work actually goes into getting even a single frame of a scene like that to work. "It's amazing how much you don't know," she said of the shoot, continuing, "and how much you take for granted of what goes into what you're watching." In this case, the hard work paid off big time, with the water-bound, walker-infested underground scene arguably ranking among of the most tense "Fear the Walking Dead" has yet aired.