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Ted Lasso S3E5: Ted And Rebecca's Little Chat Adds More To One Big Theory

Contains spoilers for "Ted Lasso" Season 3, Episode 5 -– "Signs"

It was another tough time for the top dogs at the Greyhounds' home turf this week, with Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) both dealing with personal issues. Ted makes another shaky step onward, accepting that his family is half the world away and there's little he can do about it as a father. Around the same time, Rebecca has to take the bad news that one of the psychic's predictions is incorrect and she won't have a family after all — not the way she wants, at least.

Interestingly, in the lead-up to these developments, both Ted and Rebecca would've benefitted immensely from a few wise words from the other. Rebecca's best pal, Keeley (Juno Temple), misses her call, and Ted is left to deal with a bubbling panic attack on his own, although he manages to overcome it. It is only during a brief encounter between the two that it is once again made clear just how in tune with each other this powerhouse pair is.

This revelation may soon bring about something that some fans have always expected. Unlike Keeley and Roy (Brett Goldstein), who might not be getting back together (and that's okay), Ted and Rebecca could start seeing something they've always been blind to: They're actually the perfect couple.

Ted and Rebecca have each other figured out without even trying

After a heated conversation regarding Richmond's ongoing trouncing, Ted and Rebecca pass each other in the hall with a greeting that stops each other in their tracks. On the rarest of occasions, Rebecca calls Ted "Coach" and not by name, whereas Ted calls Rebecca by name and not "Boss," jarring both into pausing for thought. From there, the two clear the air following their last encounter, with Ted knowing already that Rebecca feels bad about yelling at him. "I can be a little bit psychic," he says, leaving his only cookie customer stunned yet again by a sign she shouldn't be ignoring. In response, she apologizes, saying, "I shouldn't have bullied you," which chimes out to Ted, who is having issues with his son and a bullying incident at school.

In another brilliant testament to how close these two are, Ted and Rebecca simultaneously yet unknowingly tap into each other's personal problems. While Rebecca following signs from a psychic might be a new development, these two have been able to read each other's minds since the show's early days, demonstrating just how deep their connection goes. Admittedly, it might not seem as apparent to them now, but it's only by clearing away her past that Rebecca will realize Ted has been in her future all along.

Rebecca revisiting her relationship history could lead to an all-important Ted talk

For Rebecca, this week's episode is a trip down relationship memory lane more than anything. First, it's that little green matchbook (which could be a big red herring) gifted to her by Sam (Toheeb Jimoh), her most recent and brief romance. But rather than keep hold of it, Rebecca makes a conscious effort to discard it right before bumping into the ex who preceded him, John (Patrick Baladi). It's an awkward encounter that ends on a startling note when John's fiancee utters the malapropism "s***e in nining armor" in another callback to the psychic.

While the psychic's reading has connections to both Sam and John, there's one man who has been there for Rebecca when she's needed him the most: Ted Lasso, her true knight in shining armor. From attending her father's funeral to putting some distance between her and her ex-husband, Rupert (Anthony Head), via darts, Ted has been there for Rebecca since the beginning.

Sure, there might be talk of rearranging management, but Ted's job has been on the line before, and it only strengthened his connection with Rebecca. If he does go, then that's the way the cookie crumbles — but then Rebecca always has loved those, hasn't she?