Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston Once Pranked Aaron Paul On-Set With An Adult Toy

Not only did Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul give audiences masterful performances as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman respectively, but the "Breaking Bad" stars formed a loving friendship while filming the hit AMC series. 

During a Reddit AMA, a fan asked if Cranston had ever pranked Paul on the set of "Breaking Bad," and the actor gave fans a peek behind the curtain at the shenanigans that went down even when cameras were rolling. "Oh yeah, many times," he admitted. "There was one episode when where someone was giving us a problem, and I told him to take care of it, and he didn't know specifically what I meant by it. I said, 'I need you to take care of it,' and I reached into my waistband and pulled out a gun, and put it on the counter. He understood the message. Then during the scene where I said, 'I need you to take care of it,' I reached into my waistband and pulled out a dildo."

The "Breaking Bad" crew included the NSFW prank in the show's blooper reel, which has since made its way to YouTube. Honestly, the most impressive part is how long Paul can maintain a straight face, but the clip just shows how great of a friendship the two actors share.

The pranks didn't end there

From the looks of it, Bryan Cranston was quite the troll on the set of "Breaking Bad," as his antics went much further than purposefully ruining a scene. Originally, show creator Vince Gilligan planned on killing off Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman after Season 1, so Cranston took it upon himself to never let his co-star feel safe. 

"He didn't help the situation, that bastard," Paul told The Hollywood Reporter about being scared that he wouldn't be on the show for long. "He would say, 'Hey, did you read the next script?' and I go, 'No, did you get it?' And he's like, 'Oh,' and he would just give me this big hug. And I'd go, 'What?' He's like, 'Hey man, you know, had to end sometime, but at least you go out, like, guns blazing.' Or something like that." Paul then said he would storm into the production office, demanding the script, which wasn't ready yet, thinking they were withholding it because he died. 

Thankfully, Paul was a good sport, realizing it was just a good friend messing with him, and it probably wasn't the first or last time Cranston tried to pull a fast one on him.