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The Deadites Have Left The Cabin In The Trailer For Evil Dead Rise

2023 is starting off with a horrific bang, with the drop of the first official trailer for "Evil Dead Rise." The fifth film in the "Evil Dead" franchise, the movie follows two estranged sisters who come back together. Unfortunately, this reunion is interrupted by the emergence of deadites because, of course.

Yesterday, a teaser was dropped for "Evil Dead Rise," which was pretty terrifying for running only 21 seconds. It shows young Kassie (Nell Fisher) looking through a peephole to see her mother looking, well, out of sorts. Mom has bloodshot eyes and is covered in blood, and looks to be taking a page out of the "Smile" lookbook. Kassie tells her mom she doesn't look so good, and the deadite gives a soft grin followed by a creepy chuckle. It almost makes you not want to watch the trailer, but here we are. Just multiply that teaser by 10, and you'll have a good sense of what you're in for.

Evil Dead Rise might be the scariest of the pack

The first official trailer for "Evil Dead Rise" is over two minutes of non-stop terror as deadites put a major damper on a family reunion (do those really need deadites to ruin things, though?). Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan take center stage as the estranged sisters, but they'll have to work together to fend off the deadites who are hellbent on taking them over.

Helming "Evil Dead Rise" is Lee Cronin, who was picked by Sam Raimi to write and direct the film, according to Empire. Raimi also has a credit on the film, serving as one of the writers alongside Cronin for being the creator. Raimi also serves as a producer alongside "The Evil Dead" legend Bruce Campbell. Campbell is not expected to appear in the film as Ash Williams. The actor and producer admitted on Twitter, however, that this newest installment will be the scariest in the franchise

"Evil Dead Rise" lands in theaters on April 23.