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The Conjuring Universe Heads To Max With A New Series

The Warner Bros. Discovery streamer may be dropping the HBO, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of new, premium additions coming to Max, including a TV show set within the "Conjuring" universe.

After terrifying audiences with the "Saw" franchise, horror master James Wan leaned hard into the demon side of the horror genre with the first "Conjuring" film released in 2013. Since then, there have been several sequels, spinoffs, prequels, and even spinoff sequels. But so far, the saga involving paranormal researchers, possessed demonic dolls, La Llorona curses, and nasty nuns has not made any kind of terrifying impact on the small screen. But now that is going to change. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a series based on the franchise is in the works with Pete Safran attached and Wan in talks to serve as executive producer. While the main details regarding the show's narrative have been kept under wraps, it has been established that the storyline will follow the events that took place in the movies.

While news of a "Conjuring" series is probably ideal for most horror fans, those that might feel let down that this could mean the end of the franchise on the big screen shouldn't give up hope just yet.

There are still more Conjuring films and spinoffs on the way

While the news of a "Conjuring" TV show is exciting, fans would be wise to remember that there are still other films and spin-offs in the works from the franchise. The one title on the way fans should look out for is "The Conjuring 4," which Wan also confirmed he was very passionate about completing, but so it's done in the right way. "Yeah, we are working on it right now. With the "Conjuring" films, we are very precious about [them]," James Wan said in an interview with Collider in January 2023. "And so we kind of want to just take our time to make sure we get it right and to make sure the emotion of the Warren stories that we want to tell, and moving into, and potentially wrapping up, we just want to make sure that it's the right thing, the right story that we're telling." Bringing back Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga) for another demonic showdown sounds like a frightening treat for fans.

But it isn't just the Warrens getting all the fun. "The Nun 2," the next motion picture to be released from the "Conjuring" universe, is set to arrive in theaters on September 8, 2023. Between the upcoming movies and show, it's a nightmarishly good time to be a fan of the franchise.