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The Nun 2 - What We Know So Far

The 2014 release "Annabelle" was the first sequel to horror film "The Conjuring," which premiered the year prior. While two "Conjuring" sequels have since followed, so too have two additional "Annabelle" movies, with the horrific Annabelle doll first introduced in the original "Conjuring" at their center.

The 2018 film "The Nun" is a similar sort of spinoff, chronicling the history of a demonic nun first introduced in "The Conjuring 2." Notably, "The Nun" is the first chronological entry in the "Conjuring" Universe timeline, taking place in the 1950s. Soon, "The Nun" will follow in the footsteps of "Annabelle" and become the second "Conjuring" spinoff to bloom into a multi-movie franchise.

News of a "Nun" sequel first began circulating in 2019 (via Entertainment Weekly), when "Conjuring" Universe producer Peter Safran revealed that he had a story for it in mind. Now that the project has spent roughly three years in production, here's what we know so far about "The Nun 2."

What's the release date of The Nun 2?

After Warner Bros. and Discovery merged into a single corporate entity, now called Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc., the company altered many of its existing and upcoming properties under the leadership of CEO David Zaslav. Perhaps most notoriously, Warner Bros. Discovery shelved a completed "Batgirl" film entirely.

Amidst this and plenty of other changes both big and small, on August 24, 2022, Warner Bros. announced some updates to its slate of upcoming film releases (via Deadline). While its most notable schedule changes concern tentpole superhero properties, that announcement also happened to include the first mention of a release date for "The Nun 2."

As it turns out, Warner Bros. Discovery is now planning to premiere "The Nun 2" on September 8, 2023. Should this date hold, it would mean that almost exactly five years will have passed between "Nun" films upon the premiere of the second entry in the series.

Who is starring in The Nun 2?

The original "Nun" film stars actor Bonnie Aarons reprising her "Conjuring 2" role as Valak, its titular demonic nun. In April of 2022, "Conjuring" Universe architect James Wan confirmed on his personal Instagram account that Aarons will return for "The Nun 2."

Aarons is a veteran of spooky movies, including "I Know Who Killed Me," and an unforgettable turn as the character simply referred to as The Bum in David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive." Her body of acting work also includes roles in films like "Silver Linings Playbook" and "The Fighter."

Prior to confirmation of Aaron's involvement in "The Nun 2," she shared that she was eager to return to the role of Valak in an interview with ComingSoon.net. "I would love to jump back in that habit. I love that film and that character and that whole crew. I light a candle every day. I have to see what they wrote, you know, I hope it explores more of the depth of the demon. I think the demon came from the bowels of hell. We'll see whatever it is," she said.

Members of the "Nun 2" cast aside from Aarons have yet to be announced.

Who is directing The Nun 2?

"The Nun" is directed by Corin Hardy, a relative newcomer not just to the "Conjuring" Universe, but to feature filmmaking in general — "The Nun" is his second feature, following directorial work on a number of music videos.

Hardy will not return for "The Nun 2." Instead, James Wan also revealed in his April 2022 Instagram post that Michael Chaves will direct the "Nun" sequel. Wan prompted his Instagram followers to welcome Chaves back, referring to his involvement in other "Conjuring" Universe movies. In fact, as the director of both "The Curse of La Llorona" and "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It," Chaves will have directed three of the four most recent "Conjuring" Universe films upon the release of "The Nun 2."

In an interview with ScreenRant, Chaves spoke highly of his working relationship with Wan. "Honestly, I owe my career to James Wan. I've been a fan of his, just like a lot of you guys. To have worked with him on La Llorona was honestly one of the best and greatest thrills," Chaves said.

Meanwhile, Akela Cooper is writing the script for "The Nun 2," whose past work includes the stand-alone James Wan film "Malignant." It's apparent, then, that Wan is trusting collaborators alongside whom he's worked with in the past to bring to life the latest film in his flagship horror franchise.