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Virgin River Season 5 Theory: Is Mike The Father Of Charmaine's Babies?

The romance between Melinda "Mel" Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) is at the heart of "Virgin River," though this pairing has had to overcome plenty of challenges along the way. One of the biggest obstacles getting in the way of their relationship is Charmaine Robert (Lauren Hammersley), a woman that Jack is casually dating when he meets Mel. This love triangle gets even more complicated after Charmaine announces that she's expecting twins, and Jack is the father. Charmaine eventually admits that Jack isn't actually the father, and the identity of the twins' father is one of Season 4's biggest unanswered questions.

Even though Martin Henderson knows the father of Charmaine's twins, he's not spilling the beans. However, fans have a theory that police detective Mike Valenzuela (Marco Grazzini) is the father of Charmaine's babies. "I think Charmaine's babies are Mike's," wrote Reddit user u/Kabeyfw in a thread discussing predictions for Season 5. "Did you see the odd look flash on Mike's face when Jack told him she was pregnant and his response was like, oh, I didn't know y'all were still a thing? Not finished with Season 4 yet but it would explain why Mike sticks around and why he and his fiancée break up."

Mike's arrival in town doesn't exactly match up with the progression of Charmaine's pregnancy, but viewers still can't help but notice his reaction to the news. Jack and Mike are longtime friends, so that realization would certainly cause a lot of drama. 

Virgin River fans think it's entirely possible that Mike is the father of Charmiane's twins

Charmaine tells Jack that she's pregnant at the end of Season 1, and Mike doesn't make his first appearance until Season 2, so any amorous interaction between these two would have happened off-screen. Their storylines have never really intersected. Charmaine is busy doing her best to drive a wedge between Mel and Jack, while Mike has been investigating Virgin River's seedy underbelly. However, Mike and Jack are old army buddies, so it's possible that he's visited before. Virgin River isn't a big place, so perhaps Charmaine and Mike had a one-night stand before he was introduced to the audience. In terms of proof, viewers think that Mike's reaction to the news of Charmaine's pregnancy says it all. 

"My guess is Charmaine's twins will end up being Detective Mike's. When Jack told Mike about Charmaine being pregnant, he reacted oddly. That was very early on, and I recall thinking 'This guy definitely slept with Charmaine.' I figured he wouldn't have done that to a friend, but we've since learned that he doesn't seem to be a great guy," said Reddit user u/Beautiful_Union_4826. Other fans were quick to agree with this theory. "I think Mike is the dad from those scenes too," chimed in Reddit user u/Lola514.

Mike being the father of Charmaine's twins seems like a reasonable possibility, but viewers will have to wait until Season 5 premieres to get the answer.