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Are Brianne Howey & Antonia Gentry From Ginny And Georgia Friends In Real Life?

The relationship between the titular mother-daughter duo of Netflix dramedy "Ginny & Georgia" isn't exactly stress-free. Given that Ginny (Antonia Gentry) is 15 years old, perhaps that's par for the course. Add in the fact that her mom Georgia (Brianne Howey) was Ginny's age when she had her daughter and that Georgia had to go way above and beyond to keep her daughter — and later her son, Austin (Diesel La Torraca) — including severely illegal activity. Now add on top of all of that the massive secrets this necessitates Georgia keep from Ginny, along with the constant moving around, and it's amazing that Ginny is able to even speak to her mother.

But then, particularly as Season 2 progressed, Ginny learned to trust, confide in, love, and stick up for her mom. Deep down, the show tells us, these two have a deep mother-daughter bond that cannot be broken. If this level of their relationship isn't believable, then nothing else is. 

Luckily, according to Brianne Howey, she and Antonia Gentry get along wonderfully. "I love and adore Toni," Howey told PopSugar. "She just blows me away, and I'm so grateful that we naturally click. I think it informs us. It helped us." Howey also said that having to immediately shoot such intense scenes accelerated their bond. "It allowed us to continue to trust each other and not feel as intimidated or afraid when these tense scenes arrive. I just know she has my back and I have hers."

The two actors are much closer in age then you might think

Not that age is everything, but part of the reason Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry get along so well must be that they are actually much closer in age than their characters. Despite playing a 15-year-old on "Ginny & Georgia," Gentry is actually 25 years old, while Howey, at age 33, is only a few years older than her character. 

In some respects, then, Gentry is more like a younger sibling than a daughter to Howey. "I have four younger siblings and she kind of falls right in the middle of their ages," she told Today. "So, it wasn't that big of a leap for me to love and adore her."

In fact, none of the main teenage characters on "Ginny & Georgia" — including Ginny's inner circle of friends and the two serious boyfriends she has had — are played by teenagers. Most are in their early-to-mid 20s. This isn't all that unusual, of course. The whole cast of the CW's "Riverdale" was substantially older than their high school-age characters, with 19-year-olds playing 15-year-old high school sophomores, 24-year-olds playing juniors, and so on and so forth. And given the fairly adult storylines involving the characters on shows like "Riverdale" and "Ginny & Georgia," casting more mature actors is undoubtedly the right move.