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Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg's Heartfelt Speech After Wrapping Season 13

"Blue Bloods" star and New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg will always be recognized as an integral member of the boy band, but the artist expanded his horizons way beyond the confines of simply being a musician. The acting bug bit Wahlberg hard, and the performer's most prolific work to date has come playing the madcap defender of New York City, Danny Reagan. And at the time of this writing, Wahlberg has wrapped yet another season's worth of work on the CBS crime drama.

As filming on "Blue Bloods" Season 13 came to an end, Wahlberg posted a heartwarming video on social media to mark the occasion. "Yesterday — April 4 — was not only #NKOTBReunionDay, it also happened to be the day that we officially wrapped Season 13 of #BlueBloods," Wahlberg captioned the video he posted on Instagram. "I can't tell you all how fortunate I am to work with such an amazing cast & crew, nor can I ever properly express my gratitude to them and to all of you — our loyal fans & viewers!"

In the video, Wahlberg can be seen in a hospital set outside of an outpatient area. Co-star Marisa Ramirez, who portrays Maria Baez on the CBS series, is also present along with approximately a dozen crew members. Wahlberg thanks everyone for their hard work and tells them how lucky he is to be there before he's applauded for his warm words.

Filming on Blue Bloods Season 13 crosses the finish line

Donnie Wahlberg's impulsive law-enforcing Danny Reagan is constantly walking a thin line between the right and wrong ways to protect and serve on "Blue Bloods." The actor has been a part of the police procedural since day one back in September 2010. Even though the series has wrapped filming, there are several episodes still to drop before the Season 13 finale airs on May 19. And Wahlberg is genuinely grateful for having shared another year of his professional life as an actor with his "Blue Bloods" family. And he also thanked the show's devoted fans on social media.

"I can, however, promise to keep working my ass off to show you how incredibly thankful I am for this most wonderful opportunity to be welcomed into your homes (with my TV family) each week, to be part of your lives and to have you as part of mine — and to be so blessed to do what I love to do every day," Wahlberg said in the same post on his Instagram account. "Thank you! On to Season 14! See you in July! Let's go!"

The news has fans of the CBS series excited about what's to come on "Blue Bloods," and that's been evident in the hundreds of thousands of views the video has received, as well as most of the comments in response to Wahlberg's announcement.