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Invincible Season 2 Needs To Bring Back The Series' Best Running Gag

When Season 1 of "Invincible" came out on Amazon Prime Video in early 2021, it quickly became many people's favorite superhero TV show. Adapted from the comics of the same name, the first season follows Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), who discovers he has superpowers and that his father is the spectacular Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). However, his father actually isn't a good guy and has plans for more sinister machinations.

Amazon was quick to renew the animated series for a second and third season, and fans have waited patiently for more episodes since then. "Invincible" Season 2 is currently slated to come out sometime later in 2023, and expectations are high. For starters, some fans just want the show to carry on the title card gag from the first season. Across those eight episodes, a title card reading "Invincible" would appear on-screen whenever a character in the show was about to say that word. But as the show went on, more and more blood began splashing across the card. 

For some, like Redditor u/IceFrogger1313, the title card was a highlight: "I hope they keep up the title card gag. First show I've actually seen do it well." Another responder had an idea to keep the sequence fresh, "Season 2 will just be all about Mark healing and it will be the blood slowly receding as Mark gets better and better at winning more and more fights. Then, in the finale, he'll get punched so hard that the title card gets bloody during the cold open." The "Invincible" title card is short, sweet, and fun to watch, so future seasons will likely incorporate it further.

The Invincible title card is a bloody good time

The "Invincible" title sequence seems simple, but a lot of thought actually went into it. Mashable interviewed showrunner Simon Racioppa about it, and he said that it either had to be interesting enough to hold viewers' interest or pretty short. Creator Robert Kirkman added that he thought there should be an element of change with the title card, saying, "I'd always wanted to do a title card that changed a little bit every episode, to give you a reason not to skip it. So that was a philosophy too: What can we do to make it worthwhile even though it's only seven or eight seconds long?" As far as the blood splatter, it was an interesting visual that stayed in the tone of the show.

Clearly, it worked, and it primed viewers for a bloody superhero outing, especially that Season 1 finale. People want to see it keep going through Season 2 and beyond, with Redditor u/mdbrown80 writing, "I just hope they keep it going, and by the end of the show it's covered in an absolute mess of guts and brain matter." It remains to be seen how Season 2 will appropriate the title card. Will it pick up where the Season 1 finale left off and keep adding blood? Could it reset to bloody up the card again? The latter is what one Redditor wants, "If this gets more seasons I hope this gag follows with it getting cleaned and reset every season."

It may have taken a couple of years, but plenty of people have remained hyped for "Invincible" Season 2. And when that title card comes back on the screen, no matter if blood is added or taken away, fans will be stoked.