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Who Plays Hera Syndulla In Disney+'s Ahsoka?

Fans went wild over the first "Ashoka" trailer and the reappearance of General Thrawn, but the "Star Wars" villain isn't the only one causing a stir with audiences. The appearances of several characters making their live-action debut are in the teaser, and many may wonder who is playing Hera Syndulla from "Star Wars: Rebels" and "Star Wars: The Bad Batch."

Taking on the role of Twi'lek pilot and rebel captain Hera Syndulla is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, a talented actor many will probably recognize from her stellar work in titles as "The Thing," "10 Cloverfield Lane," "Gemini Man" and "Kate." She also starred in a season of "Fargo" alongside her husband, "Star Wars" veteran Ewan McGregor. 

While these are impressive credits, her bigger franchise plays include Ramona Flowers in "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World," Lucy McClane in "Live Free or Die Hard," and Huntress in "Birds of Prey." Looking at her work history, it becomes obvious that she is more than up for the challenge of bringing Hera Syndulla to life in "Ahsoka." Fans lost their minds over Winstead's casting, and receiving such a robust reaction from fans led Winstead to a fascinating conclusion regarding those who live and breathe "Star Wars."

Mary Elizabeth Winstead calls the support and love from Star Wars fans infectious

While Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been part of several franchises, nothing she has encountered throughout her career could have prepared her for entering the galaxy far, far away. Even though she has only been a member of the "Star Wars" universe for a brief time, she has learned quite a bit about its fanbase, how far it spreads, and the impactful presence fans wield. 

"I don't think there is anything quite like being in a room full of 'Star Wars' fans and people who live and breathe it," Winstead said to On Demand Entertainment at "Star Wars" Celebration. "Everyone involved in this production is a true fan, and they love it down in the depths of their soul, and it's completely and totally infectious. You can't help but feel that warmth and love and kinda take it on yourself. So I feel really, really happy to get to be involved in something that produces that kind of joy all around you."

The fans and people involved in the production aren't the only ones thrilled she'll join the fight in "Ahsoka" as Hera Syndulla. According to Entertainment Weekly, her husband, Ewan McGregor, is absolutely thrilled that not only is his wife getting in on the "Star Wars" fun but also that his son gets a Jedi for a dad and a rebel pilot for a mom. Even though the Disney+ show has yet to debut, there is no denying that Winstead's run as Hera Syndulla is off to a positive start.