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One Of The Most Underrated Hallmark Movie Actresses, According To Fans

If there's anything Hallmark is known for as much as heartwarming stories, it's using the same actresses in many of its movies. Erin Krakow plays school teacher Elizabeth on "When Calls the Heart," and when she's not roaming around Hope Valley, she's also lending her talents to Hallmark movies like "Finding Father Christmas" and "It was Always You." Meanwhile, Holly Robinson Peete and Alison Sweeney could be spotted solving mysteries and ringing in the holiday season on multiple occasions. These names have become synonymous with Hallmark movies, but there's one Hallmark star who deserves more credit, according to fans.

In the subreddit r/HallmarkMovies, fans have named Kimberley Sustad as one of the most underrated Hallmark actresses. She first appeared on the channel in the 2012 movie "A Bride for Christmas." In 2014, she captured hearts as Marilee White, a veterinary student who falls for fireman Zachary Stone (Brandon Routh) in the film "The Nine Lives of Christmas." In 2021, the film received a sequel called "The Nine Kittens of Christmas," which finds Marilee and Zachary growing apart, but with the chance of rekindling their romance. 

Fans have taken to Reddit to share their appreciation for those movies. As u/rstick369 wrote, "She needs more lead roles. Love her in the cat movies." Redditor u/SpotISAGoodCat, agreed, writing, "Her comedic timing and acting is wonderful." But acting is not the only work that Sustad is focusing on at Hallmark.

The writing partnership that's bringing success to Sustad and Hallmark

As fans praise Kimberley Sustad for her acting abilities, others are talking about her work with another Hallmark actor. "I especially appreciate her dynamic with Paul Campbell!" wrote u/dog_spartacus. "'Wedding Every Weekend' is a top five all time Hallmark movie," wrote u/EricRutin. While Sustad and Campbell have shared the screen several times, they've also shared a few writing credits as well.

They wrote and starred in the 2020 film "Christmas by Starlight," which finds Annie Park (Sustad) working for William Holt (Campbell) in order to save a café. Since then, they've gone on to write the popular "Three Wise Men and a Baby." According to Nielsen, it was the most-watched movie on basic cable in key demographics in 2022. Sustad told TV Fanatic that her writing partnership with Campbell came out of a desire to work on a rom-com together while filming "Godwink Christmas." 

"I think one day he was like, 'Have you ever thought about writing one?' And I was like, 'Oh, no, no, no, no. But I do have this idea.' And I soft pitched him 'Christmas by Starlight,' and he said, "Oh, that's a great idea. Let's write it,'" she recalled, adding that Hallmark was happily surprised by their pitch.

When it comes to co-writing "Three Wise Men and a Baby," Campbell told MediaVillage, "Kimberley has an extraordinary gift for story and character ... She understands story and what makes it compelling."