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Encanto's Mirabel Was Given Glasses To Reinforce A Major Theme Of The Film

In many ways, Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) isn't your average Disney protagonist. Unlike Ariel or Belle, for example, she isn't yeaning to leave to find something (or someone) better. Rather, her main goal is to stay put and save the Madrigals. Despite not having a magical gift like her family members, her uniqueness is reflected in other ways. Her embroidered skirt, curly hair, and green glasses are distinctly her own, with the latter actually reinforcing a major "Encanto" theme: perspective.

Lorelay Bové, associate production designer, told The Hollywood Reporter, "One of the film's main themes is perspective — how different points of view can affect a relationship — and having our main character wear glasses was an intentional choice to reinforce that theme."

Mirabel is able to see what Alma (María Cecilia Botero) is blind to — that unconditional love, beyond the special gifts, is the answer. For example, she knows that Louisa (Jessica Darrow) is more than her strength, and Isabela (Diane Guerrero) is more than a flower-making perfectionist. She also embraces good old Uncle Bruno (John Leguizamo), quickly realizing that he's not the real villain her relatives make him out to be (though his secret life in the walls is a tad off-putting at first).

Mirabel's green glasses might also symbolize her connection to Bruno

According to one fan theory, Mirabel's glasses not only reinforce the theme of perspective but also foreshadow her connection to Bruno. On Reddit, u/The Rhubarbarian pointed out how the bright green color of her spectacles matches the color that Bruno's eyes turn whenever he has a vision, including the confusing one involving Mirabel either saving or destroying the Casita.

"I believe that this was done intentionally to show the link between Mirabel being the one to complete Bruno's prophecy about the Casita falling apart, and it also foreshadows Bruno's return to the family," this user said. "It also is significant that the green is on her glasses which allow her to see things more clearly than Bruno's powers allowed him to see."

For years, Bruno is ousted by Alma because she automatically assumes the worst about his vision, and he believes her. But Mirabel does quite the opposite. Though she's not thrilled about having to hug Isabela in order to fulfill her destiny, she clearly sees what must be done to strengthen the magic.