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The Real Villains In Encanto According To Fans

"Encanto" is an enchanting cinematic experience. It features the amazing family Madrigal, a group of superpowered individuals who oversee the existence of a tiny, magical town nestled deep in the heart of Colombia. The story is full of interesting heroes, too.

Luisa stalks around the town helping to streamline the grunt work. Pepa creates idyllic living conditions ... when she can keep her emotions under control. Julieta whips up baked goods that don't just nourish her family and friends — they also heal them. Even the sentient Casa Madrigal interacts with and helps its occupants. And then there's Mirabel, the endlessly optimistic younger member of the family who is stronger than she thinks and is ultimately the key to keeping the family together.

Everywhere you turn, there are protagonists in the story. But what about antagonists? Which characters raise the stakes? Which individuals bring us to the edge of our seats in anxious anticipation?

The fate of the family's supernatural candle dictates how strong, weak, or nonexistent the Madrigals' collective powers are, but the actual item isn't evil. Mirabel's estranged uncle Bruno starts off feeling like a bad guy, but he ends up as cuddly as a teddy bear. Abuela is often brought up as an antagonistic character, and she certainly fills that role at times. But she's Abuela, for goodness' sake. Is she proud? Sure. Pride comes before a fall and all that jazz, but she's looking out for her family, too, and she has a very redemptive story arc, anyway.

No matter which way you slice it, it's hard to find a bad guy in this film. Nevertheless, some fans on the endlessly entertaining Reddit have dug deep and highlighted three characters who could truly fit the bill for the real villains in "Encanto."

Show us your nonexistent gift!

One of the first scenes in "Encanto" is a fast-paced song that begins when Mirabel is accosted by some unusually interested, coffee-wielding children who really, really want to know about her gift. (It begs the question — how have they lived that many years without knowing the answer?) 

The kids' repeated questions launch Mirabel into a dramatic telling of the rest of her family members' fantastical powers. She breaks down the entire family tree, and it really is a fun song, but it doesn't answer the intent of the children's original inquiry: What is Mirabel's power? Come on — let's hear it.

It's bad enough that the unsuspecting kids put the 15-year-old on the spot, but things only get worse when three troublemaking adults jump into the situation by literally chucking an accordion at Mirabel when she isn't looking — and that's where the Redditors come into play. The post simply reads, "'This movie has no villain' – I counted three." This statement is followed by a meme of the three musicians who threw the accordion eagerly watching Mirabel's performance. The text on the image? "100% know Mirabel has no gift. 100% eager to hear her admit it."

The post has thousands of upvotes, and the highest comment by u/MiaMirmaid even adds "lol, they're just like 'YEAH, TELL THE CHILDREN HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE. GO ON.'" 

"Encanto" is a story about self-discovery and the enduring bond of family. It doesn't have a definitive villain because — well — it doesn't need one. But if you had to put faces on the official antagonists of the story, we're inclined to agree with the Redditors on this one. This trio of adults taking unbridled joy in the discomfort of a teenager is straight-up not nice.