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Who Plays Grand Admiral Thrawn In Disney+'s Ahsoka?

We knew it. They knew we knew it, and now the whole world knows that it's official thanks to this weekend's "Star Wars" Celebration event in London, England. Lars Mikkelsen is retaining command as the blue-tinted tyrant and future of the Galactic Empire, General Thrawn.

After applying his elegant and subtly evil tone to "Star Wars Rebels," Mikkelsen's madman that rules with a Smurf-coloured fist has been teased in live-action for some time, with our first glimpse appearing in this weekend's jaw-dropping "Ahsoka" teaser. A character that has already stood the test of time, Thrawn was one of the surviving remnants of the Expanded Universe that had its slate wiped clean before that big Disney game-changing deal. Being the slippery Chiss devil that he was, he made his way over into the revived universe and became a Dave Filoni favorite among favorites on "Star Wars Rebels." Moving forward, fans can look forward to seeing him on "The Mandalorian" and, of course, "Ahsoka."

Of course, there's more to Mikkelsen's oeuvre than "Star Wars" projects. The actor is also known for his performances in some critically acclaimed movies and TV shows that don't involve battles beyond the stars. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of those projects.

Lars Mikkelsen is known for playing villainous characters

Lars Mikkelsen's performance as Grand Admiral Thrawn is certainly noteworthy, but he's been working in film and TV since 1997. Since then, he's built an impressive resume, though he does have a propensity for playing villainous characters.

Fans of crime dramas and mysteries will probably know Mikkelsen for his portrayal of Charles Augustus Magnussen on the BBC's "Sherlock" series. The character was an antagonist in Season 3, and he used his power and blackmailing skills to become a very powerful and influential man in the Western world. Magnussen and Thrawn share some of the same qualities, in the sense that they're both cunning and mischievous.

Elsewhere, Mikkelsen played the Russian president on Netflix's "House of Cards," which saw him go toe-to-toe with the Underwoods. He was also a regular guest star on "The Witcher," stealing the show as a conflicted dark wizard named Stregobor.