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Grey's Anatomy: Maggie And Winston's Relationship Has Fans Taking Sides

In its 19th season, "Grey's Anatomy" is still finding ways to create drama between its characters, and that includes married surgeons Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill). The two apparently can't agree on anything these days — where they live, where they should be in their careers, or even what takeout they want that night.

Now, the two are in therapy together over a lot of things, including Winston's decision to leave cardiothoracic surgery because he was embarrassed by his wife's success in the field, the fact that Maggie got a job offer in Chicago (thanks to a study where she didn't give full credit to her husband despite his help), and the overall state of their strained marriage. This has fans pretty upset — and they're taking sides, according to some tweets about Season 19 Episode 13, "Cowgirls Don't Cry." 

As Twitter user @ohgreystation wrote, "This fight between Maggie and Winston don't make any sense since the beginning. She's unfair with him and I'm Team Winston on this." @EmKateDee agreed, saying, "Good. Maggie's going. Hate how she just blamed Winston when part of the [breakup] was HER fault, too."

Some Grey's Anatomy fans are Team Winston, and some are Team Maggie

There's plenty of fans out there who think Maggie is being completely unreasonable towards Winston, like @thejasfiless. "I can't wait for Winston to find his real match because Maggie ain't it she is very much a narcissist," they wrote. @flyhometolou agreed, saying, "maggie that is bulls***, winston has fought harder than anyone to make this work you're the one being difficult and causing all the problems."

If you're reading this and you're firmly Team Maggie, don't worry — she's got her defenders on Twitter too. @MinutesWithMM wrote, "I can't believe there are people who think that Maggie is the problem in this relationship when it's so clearly Winston that's the issue," and @MontanaHurtMe agreed, saying, "Y'all hate Maggie and it shows cause there is no way in hell y'all watch the same show I watch and see that Winston has no fault at all. He is absolutely a coward!" 

It was definitely harsh of Maggie to tell her husband that she's lost respect for him for changing his specialty, but Winston isn't without fault here at all, clearly. In fact, he's kind of gaslighting her by pretending he hasn't done anything wrong, as @AmberMera007 pointed out: "Winston is emotionally abusive trying to play the victim and guilt Maggie for anything he can."

Maggie's time on Grey's Anatomy is almost over

Whether you're Team Maggie or Team Winston, one thing is clear: these two need to figure these things out right away, especially because Maggie closes their argument at the end of the episode by saying she plans on taking the job she's been offered in Chicago. Clearly, this is the beginning of the end for Maggie, as we already know that Kelly McCreary is exiting the show in Season 19.

According to a recent interview with McCreary, she feels like it's time for her to hang up Maggie's stethoscope, due in large part to the fact that she feels like her character is in a place where her storyline can naturally come to an end. So what does that mean for Maggie and Winston's marriage? Will he go to Chicago and support her in her career while pursuing his own dreams, or is this couple going to end up calling it quits ahead of Maggie's departure?

McCreary — and Maggie's — last episode will air on April 13, 2023 on ABC, and if you want to relive her relationship with Winston, you can stream earlier seasons of "Grey's Anatomy" on Netflix and Hulu.