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Every One Of Blue Beetle's Powers And Abilities Explained

As DC and Warner Bros. prepare to turn the reins of the DCU over to James Gunn and Peter Safran, there's a new hero that's set to make his big screen debut — Jaime Reyes' Blue Beetle. While Jaime might be the third Blue Beetle from the comics, he's become an incredibly beloved young hero in the DC Universe and will be the first live-action version of Blue Beetle to make it to the big screen.

The film is currently set to hit theaters on August 18, 2023, and will depict Jaime's (Xolo Mariduena) origins as the titular hero after he gains incredible powers from a mysterious alien scarab he merges with. "Blue Beetle's" first trailer, released in April, shows the potential for the film to deliver an incredibly fun and action-packed superhero introduction akin to "Shazam!."

The trailer also gave fans and newcomers a glimpse at some of Jaime's powers in the film — which already establish him as one of the most versatile and powerful heroes in the DCU. With the help of this mysterious scarab — named Khaji Da in the comics — Jaime has a wild arsenal of weapons at his disposal and protective measures that make him nearly unstoppable. Truthfully, Jaime's Blue Beetle has so many powers and abilities that he's basically a superpowered swiss army knife. So — before Blue Beetle makes his big DCU debut — let's look at some of the character's most notable powers and abilities. 

Scarab sight

Sure, Superman might have X-ray vision and Batman might have an array of different vision types integrated into his cowl. However, Blue Beetle's Scarab Sight trumps them all with the versatility and advantage it gives Jaime in battle. With Scarab Sight, Khaji Da scans anyone standing before Jaime and gives him information on them — ranging from general health records and conditions to identifying weaknesses that Jaime can exploit. Scarab Sight can even alert Jaime of incoming threats making it similar to Spider-Man's "spider-sense." So, it can be a very useful tool for Jaime in combat. 

In the first trailer for the upcoming film, we actually get a glimpse of Scarab Sight when Jaime is slicing through a moving bus, and a reticle is shown highlighting the scared faces of people on the bus. Scarab Sight will likely be a pivotal part of Jaime coming into his own as Blue Beetle since it could easily act as a teaching tool for Jaime as he's learning to fight. The sheer usefulness of Scarab Sight makes it one of Blue Beetle's most important powers and fans should expect to see it heavily utilized in the upcoming film. 


Blue Beetle's ability to fly not only gives him more mobility in battle, but it also comes in various forms. As seen in the trailer, the suit can form a jetpack on Jaime's back to shoot him into space at incredible speeds. This helps Jaime travel through space if he needs to and get from place to place as fast as he possibly can. If Jaime just had the jetpack, he'd simply be just another speedy hero in the DCU. However, Jaime's got another form of transportation that's much more fitting to his "beetle" name. 

Along with the jetpack, Blue Beetle also has wings that can sprout out of his back. These wings are much more silent and friendlier than the jetpack so they allow Jaime to be a little more calmer when civilians are around and stealthier when he's trying to figure out what the bad guys are up to. Blue Beetle's ability to fly makes him able to fight alongside any kind of hero and be a threat from the air for any foes on Earth or in space that want to hurt humanity. 

Enhanced strength

Like any great superhero, Blue Beetle has immense strength that makes him capable of keeping things from getting disastrous. Now, Blue Beetle isn't as strong as Superman, but he certainly boasts the strength to stop fast-moving objects heading toward innocent civilians or hold up falling debris long enough for people to escape from being crushed. With Khaji Da being so powerful and making the suit incredibly adaptable, Jaime possesses more than enough superhuman strength to save the day. 

Blue Beetle's strength was showcased excellently in some of the short battle scenes seen in the film's trailer as he turns tough guards into total ragdolls. With a single punch, Jaime sends a guard flying down a hall and he's able to spin another guard and slam him to the ground with a swift leg swipe. Blue Beetle's strength will definitely help him save the day and keep the baddies at bay, but Jaime's inexperience will likely see him make some damaging mistakes as he learns to control his newfound power. 

Heightened protection

Although Jaime has tons of weapon options at his disposal to keep himself safe in battle and plenty of heroes by his side to protect him, Khaji Da offers Jaime a unique kind of protection. Khaji Da and other scarabs like it are generally tasked with protecting their hosts at all costs and Khaji Da will especially go to extreme lengths to keep Jaime alive. Any danger that's thrown Jaime's way will likely be negated by Khaji Da and it's pretty wild how destructive the scarab's action will be just to survive. It'll even put innocent civilians in danger if it has to and this desperation for survival makes Khaji Da's dynamic with Jaime much more complex. 

There are a couple of moments in the "Blue Beetle" trailer that show the scarab's persistence in keeping Jaime safe. When Jaime's uncle Rudy (George Lopez) attempts to remove the scarab from Jaime's face, he gets shocked away by it. Also, when Jaime is about to get hit by a bus, the scarab deploys a shield that slices the bus in two — terrifying everyone onboard. It's definitely not a bad thing that Khaji Da wants to do everything in its power to save Jaime and keep both of them alive, but it can lead to undesired consequences and devastation. 

Deadly pincers

One thing that's instantly distinguishable about Blue Beetle's appearance is the big set of pincers sticking out of his back which are for far more than just looks though and can actually be a major asset to Jaime in battle. The pincers can extend out of Jaime's back and be used to attack enemies. So Jaime can not only have a greater reach on enemies but also add a second punch to his own physical attacks similar to what Spider-Man can do in the MCU with the Iron Spider suit

Khaji Da can also modify the pincers to shoot laser beams out of the tips to make the pincers even deadlier. Mixed with Blue Beetle's ability to fly, the pincers' laser capabilities make him a terror in the sky for bad guys. Also, the lasers help Blue Beetle get through obstacles easier and can play a big role in Khaji Da protecting Jaime at all costs. Blue Beetle's pincers definitely help add to his look but also play a key role in battle that makes the hero a multi-faceted nightmare for most baddies. 

Shared mind

With the scarab generally attaching itself to its host — in a similar vein to the way the Venom symbiote merges with Eddie Brock — it's able to communicate and share its mind with its host. Khaji Da has this same sort of bond with Jaime and their shared mind is a key part of their dynamic. Their ability to share thoughts, emotions, and ideas allows them to work together more effectively and create better battle plans that make them an unstoppable team. However, their differing views and perspectives can also make them clash at times and create some unique inner conflict within Jaime. 

This sense of conflict will likely be greatly explored in the upcoming film and play a massive role in Jaime's personal arc as he starts to work and communicate with Khaji Da. Jaime's desire to protect his family could potentially conflict with Khaji Da's determination to survive and the consequences of their actions could easily drive them apart forcing them to find compromise. It's a conflict that acts as a great test of humanity and truly defines heroism. So, while Jaime and Khaji Da being able to converse with each other through this shared mental link does often help them, it can also lead to some personal conflict that could, however, head towards some greater character growth. 

Alien language translation

With Jaime having his mind linked to Khaji Da, the scarab can transmit thoughts and other useful knowledge to him in battle to help him out. Khaji Da can also help Jaime with things outside of just fighting, though, namely being able to translate different alien languages. Given that Khaji Da comes from an alien race known as The Reach, it's no surprise that it knows a seemingly endless number of languages from across the galaxy. 

Jaime is already a pretty smart guy, but Khaji Da opens him up to a whole new world of language and really makes him an intellectually strong character. Jaime having tons of alien languages under his belt makes his own encounters with non-Earth allies and enemies much easier. Plus, any big hero team he's a part of now has its own interstellar translator. Blue Beetle might mostly be an Earthbound hero, but Khaji Da makes him capable of communicating with the wider galaxy. 

Healing factor

As said before, Khaji Da will do nearly anything to keep Jaime from dying and even if Jaime takes a severe blow that nearly puts him on his deathbed, Khaji Da has something for that too. With the suit having tons of adaptive tech, it unsurprisingly contains nanotechnology that can heal Jaime if he takes severe damage. From burns that scar Jaime's skin to stabs to the gut, the suit gives Jaime a pretty noteworthy healing factor that can often save him from tough fights. 

Now, Blue Beetle's healing factor isn't as instantaneous or effective as Deadpool's or Wolverine's and he isn't totally immortal because of it. However, it's still a great aid for Jaime in battle and is what makes him able to take on some of DC's most powerful villains. Blue Beetle's healing abilities will likely come into play in the "Blue Beetle" finale as it'll probably save Jaime after making a great heroic sacrifice or taking on the film's big foe in an all-out brawl. The healing factor is another aspect of Khaji Da's relentless protection of Jaime and it's truly one of the most effective protective measures for him. 

Armor can reconfigure into weapons

The most fun power to see Blue Beetle utilize in battle is undoubtedly his ability to conjure a variety of weapons in mere seconds. With the suit using technomorphy and shape-shifting to quickly reconfigure parts of itself to form new weapons, Jaime's arsenal of weapons can stretch as far as his imagination can take it. Now, it's not the same level of endless possibilities as Green Lantern and his ring. But, it's still pretty wild to see Jaime have the suit make arm blasters, huge swords, and reinforced gauntlets in a matter of moments.

The versatility of Blue Beetle's weapon conjuring makes him able to take on foes with just about anything and it's no surprise that the first "Blue Beetle" trailer puts a big spotlight on this power in its final moments. As the suit tells Jaime that it can create whatever he imagines, he merges the two swords on his hands to create a bigger sword that's got some real "Final Fantasy" vibes to it. "Blue Beetle" will likely feature many weapon changes throughout and this power has tons of potential to be a crowd-favorite that'll result in a wide variety of action.  

Adapting to enemies

The combination of the suit being able to craft a variety of weapons at a moment's notice and create a shared link between Jaime and Khaji Da results in Blue Beetle also being able to adapt to nearly any enemy he encounters. Jaime and Khaji can easily craft plans together and have the ability to create any weapon they need, so they're really a tough hero for any villain to stop. From low-level thugs simply looking to rob a bank to high-minded criminals hellbent on world destruction, Jaime and Khaji Da can really prepare for any danger. 

This adaptiveness makes Blue Beetle a highly reliable hero for others to team up with, so it's no surprise that he's been a part of teams like Teen Titans and the Justice League. Jaime's inexperience as a hero might make his early days a little chaotic, but as he comes more accustomed to the scarab and its powers he quickly becomes one of DC's most accomplished and adaptive heroes. 

Energy absorption

Along with being able to exude a lot of energy through laser blasts and arm cannons, Blue Beetle can also absorb and utilize energy that's thrown at him. The suit's ability to absorb energy often adds more power to its attacks and even helps creates forcefields and other protective measures to help keep Jaime safe. Blue Beetle's energy absorption can also help it sustain more damage that would normally send him flying and have him reeling in pain. So, this ability is both a fantastic offensive and defensive tool for Blue Beetle.

In the "Blue Beetle" trailer, we get a small glimpse of the hero's ability to absorb energy. Throughout the trailer, the suit can be seen absorbing nearby electrical energy to power itself up and help maintain defensive measures. Khaji Da will likely be absorbing energy like that throughout the film to keep Jaime as powerful as possible and it could definitely lead to some unwanted attention from law enforcement. Blue Beetle's ability to absorb energy is the backbone of his power and a key part of how he keeps the bad guys at bay.


With Khaji Da being a technologically advanced entity that can create a suit that's immensely powerful and highly protective, it's no surprise that it can also be quite the wiz at hacking. Blue Beetle is capable of hacking into some of the most advanced security systems on Earth and with Khaji Da's vast intergalactic knowledge, he's even capable of hacking into alien tech. Blue Beetle's hacking capabilities add another layer to Jaime and Khaji Da's connection together and often come in handy. 

There's no doubt that Blue Beetle's hacking skills will play a big role in the upcoming film as he'll likely have to break into Kord Industries to understand the scarab's origins and what their plans are for it. Even for Khaji Da's alien background, there's still a strong tech backbone to its power that makes Blue Beetle a phenomenally fast hacker and one of the most tech-savvy heroes in the DC universe.