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Jackass 4 Might Still Happen, Says Johnny Knoxville

The sun hasn't quite set on the stunts and shenanigans of the Jackass franchise. 

Though eight years have passed since Johnny Knoxville and company literally stumbled and fell across the silver screen in Jackass 3D, the fearless adrenaline junkie says a fourth Jackass film is a definite possibility.

"It's possible, for sure. It's not like we're saying no," Knoxville told Entertainment Weekly. "If we did do a new one, we'd have to bring in some new younger guys — just to bring some fresh blood into it. But it's possible."

Even after all this time and with Jackass 4 only remaining a possibility for now, Knoxville still has thoughts for wild stunts and foolish pranks swirling around inside his banged-up brain. "I still write ideas down, just in case I get that twitch again. We're sitting on a ton of new ideas. There was so many that we didn't get to shoot for Jackass 3," he stated. A ton of stunts that weren't used for the third pic ended up in the straight-to-video film Jackass 3.5 in 2011, but Knoxville hinted that's just the tip of the iceberg of ideas he and his Jackass buddies have cooking up. "We have more ideas than we could shoot for Jackass 4, I'll tell you that," Knoxville said.

If Knoxville is clearly down for another Jackass, what's holding him back from diving in? His apprehension to involve his friends and family in his antics, he explained. Knoxville recently lost his mother, Lemoyne Clapp, whose passing "did make [him] thinking a little" about how often he has toyed with death.

"It's a comedy, but a few of my friends and family members are over that part of it. I totally understand where they're coming from. I've been doing this for so long, it's kind of tough to stop. I gotta take care of myself, but God, I don't want to stop. Am I sick?" noted Knoxville. "If we did Jackass 4, I would commit. But I may need to give my family a break for a second."

He then added that Paramount Pictures, the home of the Jackass series and its spinoff Bad Grandpa, would "love" to see Jackass 4. However, after the over-the-top stunts the actor completed while filming the recently released comedy Action Point, he's unsure if the studio wants him to play with danger so soon. 

"After what I went through on Action Point, I don't think they're even thrilled for me to do stunts," Knoxville said. "I had a talk with them. They're like, 'Okay, can't you give the stunts to some other guys?' The stunts I went through on Action Point kind of knocked the wind out of some people, but I'm still motoring along."

At the end of the day, when it comes to questioning whether a fourth Jackass movie will actually see the light of day, fans should take on Knoxville's own mindset: "Never say never."