Barbie's Teaser Trailer Proves Margot Robbie Was Meant For The Role

Move over, Harley Quinn. There's a new beloved character for Margot Robbie's depict. Warner Bros. dropped the second trailer for "Barbie" this week, and while Ryan Gosling's Ken was in the spotlight, it cemented that no one else but Robbie could play the titular role. 

"Margot Robbie as Barbie is just pure perfection," one YouTube commenter said. "As someone who grew up watching 'Barbie' movies with my little sister, who is now 25, this will be epic for her as much as it will be for me!" It's clear that "Barbie" will look to capitalize on nostalgia as it races toward its summer box-office showdown with "Oppenheimer." While both films boast wildly impressive stars, one doesn't have Robbie bringing the iconic fashion doll to life, so who's really got the edge?

"I have a feeling this is gonna be way better than what people think it's gonna be. Also, casting Margot Robbie as Barbie is possibly one of the best casting decisions I've ever seen," another user said in the trailer's YouTube comments. Thankfully, the pro-Robbie sentiment surrounding "Barbie" continued all over social media. 

Margot Robbie is Barbie, according to fans

"Barbie" hasn't even reached its July 21st release date, but fans have already seen enough to crown Margot Robbie the queen of Mattel's live-action movieverse. "Let's talk about perfect casting. Margot Robbie as Barbie is everything to me. She looks so good. She's perfect. [She] totally nailed it," @BlackWidow_221B said on Twitter. Continuing that sentiment, @richa8812 called Robbie "the most perfect person" to take on the lead role, providing numerous pictures of the actress in costume to prove their point. Doubling down on the opinion, @safemargot believes that playing Barbie was the actress's destiny, saying, "Margot Robbie was born to be Barbie."

If that wasn't enough to convince people that the "Barbie" fandom is a different breed, @cinecults fancam of Robbie as the fashionista surely will. With only two teaser trailers, there's not that much footage of "Barbie" out there, but that didn't stop them from editing together a video glorifying the "Barbie" actress, simply stating, "Margot Robbie is the perfect Barbie."

Assuming that "Barbie" goes on to be the box office success that many believe it will be, Robbie will add another iconic performance to her repertoire. Many already love her portrayal of Harley Quinn, but "Barbie" seems primed to overtake even that opinion.