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Impractical Jokers' Brian Quinn Opens Up About His Dale Cameos In TV Shows

While they're all synonymous with their hit truTV series, the "Impractical Jokers" cast members have also delved into other forms of entertainment over the years. In addition to continuing their comedy series, performing standup routines around the world, podcasting, and popping up at the movies, they've also tried out other small-screen endeavors. For instance, Brian "Q" Quinn (who had a much different life before "Impractical Jokers") is becoming quite the prolific face on TV, having appeared on a handful of notable titles in a cameo capacity. On three occasions so far, he's done so in the role of Dale, and fans have taken notice.

Most recently, Q appeared as Dale on "Star Trek: Picard," which a fan brought up to him on Twitter. "This is Dale's 3rd appearance. Also, if you follow his storyline it loosely crosses over from 12 Monkeys, to MacGuyver and now to Picard," he wrote in his tweet, confirming that the DaleVerse is indeed becoming a reality. "Picard" Season 2 showrunner Terry Matalas joined the conversation as well, voicing his support for a comic series chronicling the time-travel adventures of Dale à la "Doctor Who."

Disregarding the budding DaleVerse, fans of "Picard" and "Impractical Jokers" alike were pumped to see Q join the "Star Trek" franchise.

Viewers were overjoyed to see Q appear on Star Trek: Picard

Even though he didn't get much to do, getting to appear on a series as big as "Star Trek: Picard" had to be an incredible experience for Q. When fans saw the "Impractical Jokers" mainstay feature in the Season 2 episode "Watcher," most were over the moon to see him join the "Star Trek" franchise. "I SCREAMED WHEN WATCHING THIS MORNING!" commented Redditor u/lifeafterbrady in a thread about Q's cameo as Dale, with a now-deleted Reddit user calling it the most surprising guest appearance on the show so far.

Alongside the numerous comments celebrating Q's "Star Trek" debut, others suggested ways it could've gone down differently. "They should have had him playing himself. Thus making it canon that Brian Quinn of the Impractical Jokers, in 2024, will adopt a dog from Guinan," wrote u/the6thistari. As for u/XtReMe98, they hoped that Dale would actually just be the "Star Trek" universe's Q pretending to be someone else. u/Popculturemofo is of a similar mind, hoping that Dale is revealed to be a part of the Q Continuum.

While it remains to be seen if Dale will return to the "Star Trek" world, as we now know, the Dale character can make his presence felt anywhere. The DaleVerse truly has no limits.