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Breaking Bad: RJ Mitte Calls The Show His Most Emotionally-Taxing Role

RJ Mitte has been adding credits to his acting resume since 2007, each presumably coming with its own challenges and obstacles. But out of everything the actor has embarked upon during his career, his turn on "Breaking Bad" as the son of Heisenberg has proved to be his most taxing effort so far.

While the Emmy-winning series "Breaking Bad" is arguably one of the actor's biggest hits since beginning his acting journey, Mitte does have an assortment of titles on his list of accomplishments that have earned impressive scores on Rotten Tomatoes, including "The Guardians of Justice," "The Oak Room," "Time Share," "River Runs Red," and "The Triumph." But despite his notable efforts in the industry, the actor has made it abundantly clear that not one of his ordeals outside of "Breaking Bad" has even come close to the demanding experience he went through playing the son of a dying secret kingpin whose actions slowly torpedoed their happy family life. "'Breaking Bad' was probably the one," the actor said during an interview with Da Man Magazine. "The subject matter, the way we filmed it, everything about it was challenging. As the show really took off, there wasn't a way to prepare any of us for how much fans loved it. We just took it day by day, moment by moment." While it was certainly an emotional ordeal at times, Mitte believes enduring the extraneous efforts to pull off the part wasn't the only thing he did on "Breaking Bad" that was unlike anything else he has ever been through.

Mitte believes nothing will top his turn on Breaking Bad

In addition to being an emotionally exhausting endeavor, it's no secret that in the past, RJ Mitte has described his work in "Breaking Bad" as a double-edged sword for his career, and he does regret not sharing any screen time with co-star Aaron Paul. Despite things not always going smoothly when it came to playing the character of Walt Jr. on the show or working out how the actor expected, Mitte holds the experience in very high regard.

Since "Breaking Bad" ended in 2013, RJ Mitte has accumulated several varying roles over the years, and by all accounts, the actor seems like he is very enthusiastic about continuing to take on complex characters in an array of different projects. But while he does seem eager to keep finding new ways to challenge himself in the field, he remains pretty confident that whatever he does accomplish down the road will ultimately be eclipsed by his efforts on the AMC series. "Nothing I do will ever compare with 'Breaking Bad,'" Mitte said in an interview with The Guardian. But while the actor did admit it will be hard to outdo his work in the well-renowned crime drama, he still has no plans of stepping away from the acting game, admitting, "I have better performances in me." "Breaking Bad" is definitely a tough act to follow, but given his confidence and work ethic, fans shouldn't sleep on Mitte's future excursions in the realm of acting.