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CSI: Vegas' Mandeep Dhillon Couldn't Stop Laughing While Filming This Episode

Allie Rajan might find herself investigating brutal crime scenes on "CSI: Vegas," but behind the scenes, actor Mandeep Dhillon sometimes gets a case of the giggles. This is especially true when working alongside Matt Lauria, who plays her character's partner, Josh Folsom.

In Season 2, Episode 7, "Burned," which sees the team looking into an incinerated house with two bodies inside, things are a little awkward between colleagues Allie and Josh. There's certainly an attraction between them, but now Detective Serena Chavez (Ariana Guerra) is in the picture. This episode is also the first time in a while that the flirty rapport between Allie and Josh is featured. All of these factors made Dhillon unable to stop laughing at the most inopportune time, as she told CBR

"This is the worst I've ever gotten the giggles on set in my life," Dhillon said. "For five minutes, just trying to not laugh. It got to the point where I looked at the camera, and I was like, 'You just need to cut,' and I just stood there and laughed." For Lauria, his co-star's laughter was also contagious. 

"We're about to go into a crime scene with charred bodies in a burnt-out house," Lauria said, "and we just cannot get it under control."

Fans are growing tired of Allie and Josh's confusing relationship

It may have taken some time for "Burned" to come together given the episode's giggling stars, but Mandeep Dhillon and Matt Lauria couldn't help it. After being side-by-side solving cases throughout "CSI: Vegas" Season 1, this was the first time in the second season that these real-life friends have been paired up. In an interview with TV Fanatic, Dhillon admitted that she missed working alongside Lauria and proclaimed that the dream team was back in action. 

"Last season, in every case, we worked together, so you're hanging out with this person all day long," Lauria said in the same interview. "We get on famously. So, we had lunch together, and you were there all day, but now, I barely see her anymore because we're doing different things."

The chemistry between Dhillon and Lauria might be strong, but "CSI: Vegas" fans are growing tired of the romantic awkwardness between their on-screen personas. Many believe that Allie and Josh would never work as a couple, and they are over showrunners tiptoeing around a possible fling. 

"It's nauseating at this point," u/astute_potato said on Reddit. "I wonder if they expected fans to be into it so they just dragged it out for the whole season."  Despite how some fans feel, Dhillon would like Allie and Josh to eventually be together.