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Why Serena From CSI: Vegas Looks So Familiar

Out with the old, in with the new. This timeless adage applies to all walks of life, but it's certainly understood by the "CSI" franchise. Every iteration of the long-running CBS crime saga has seen various cast members come and go throughout the years, and the latest incarnation is no different. Season 2 of "CSI: Vegas" doesn't welcome back every major player from the first installment. On the flip side, some fresh faces have been brought in to fill the void.

The first episode of "CSI: Vegas" Season 2 introduces viewers to Detective Serena Chavez (Ariana Guerra), a straight-shooting recruit who comes from a family of cops and doctors. She's an ideal agent on paper, and she's even better in action. Furthermore, the character will have a big role to play in the quest to solve crimes moving forward (per Deadline).

Of course, some avid TV viewers might already be familiar with the actress who plays the latest addition to the "CSI: Vegas" cast. While she's a relative newcomer to the acting world, Guerra has already added some notable credits to her name.

Ariana Guerra had a small role on Raising Dion Season 1

Netflix's "Raising Dion" series is adapted from a comic book and short film of the same name by Dennis Liu. The story centers around Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright) and her son Dion (Ja'Siah Young) as they learn to adjust to life without her husband, Mark (Michael B. Jordan). To make matters more complicated, Dion has superhero powers and there are people out there who want to exploit his gifts.

Ariana Guerra appears in three episodes of "Raising Dion" Season 1. Her character, Kerry, is the pyrotechnically gifted girlfriend of Pat (Jason Ritter), but they don't get to experience a fairytale romance. Kerry accidentally burns her boyfriend, causing Crooked Energy to manifest in him and effectively end their relationship. Breakups are never easy, but this one will go down in history as one of the more dramatic ones.

Sadly, there won't be any more ill-fated romances on "Raising Dion." Per Variety, the superhero series was axed by Netflix earlier this year, even though the "Raising Dion" cast wanted a third season.

Marvel's Helstrom saw Ariana Guerra play an agent of faith

"Raising Dion" isn't the only short-lived superhero series that Ariana Guerra has lent her talent. She was also part of "Helstrom," Marvel and Hulu's horror-tinged series about a brother and sister pairing who must work together to take on paranormal and supernatural threats. They also happen to be the children of a mysterious killer.

Guerra was a regular during the series' 10-episode run. As Gabriella Rosetti, an agent of the Vatican, she helped the aforementioned siblings defeat otherworldly forces. In some ways, this is similar to her role on "CSI: Vegas," as Gabriella and Serena are both interested in investigating gruesome cases. However, "CSI: Vegas" probably won't pit her character against any demons.

"Helstrom" was canceled after Kevin Feige took control of Marvel's television slate and began focusing on small-screen projects that center around main characters from the MCU film franchise. It remains to be seen if any of the "Helstrom" gang will be brought back in some capacity down the line.

Promised Land let Ariana Guerra flex her dramatic chops

2022 has been a big year for Ariana Guerra. In addition to landing a recurring role on "CSI: Vegas," she featured on ABC and Hulu's "Promised Land." Unfortunately, this is another show that wasn't destined for a long-term run on the small screen.

"Promised Land" is a generation-spanning drama about a Latinx family and their Sonoma Valley wine business. A throwback to the primetime soaps of the '70s and '80s, the series is full of twists and turns as advantageous family members and their former lovers try to get a piece of the pie (via Paste). Guerra's character, Rosa, appears in multiple episodes, albeit through flashback scenes set in the year 1987.

Per Rotten Tomatoes, "Promised Land" received some decent reviews from critics and viewers, but the positive feedback wasn't enough to appease television executives. After gaining less than stellar ratings, ABC dumped the show on Hulu and sealed its fate. As such, "Promised Land" has been added to the list of 2022's canceled TV shows.