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1923's Helen Mirren Thinks We Won't Wait Long For Spencer's Season 2 Arrival

There's little question Taylor Sheridan's second "Yellowstone" prequel "1923" was on the radar of many prior to Helen Mirren joining the cast. But as far as big names who've lined up to play a role in Sheridan's deliciously pulpy Western universe, Mirren's name was certainly not one many had on their bingo cards. As such, it's safe to say when Dame Helen signed on to play Cara Dutton opposite Harrison Ford in "1923," a whole lot of new of eyes were instantly drawn to the project.

Of course, with names like Mirren attached, a whole level of expectation was no doubt born for the series. And with one season of pulse-pounding Western action behind it, expectations may be even higher for the already greenlit Season 2. While fans of the series can expect Mirren to bring the same iron-willed stoicism to her role in Season 2, they're also expecting to see another side of the woman when her long absent nephew Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) finally finds his way home to the Dutton ranch. 

That will be particularly true if Spencer reunites with his wayward wife Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer) before heading home. Whatever the case, "1923" fans are no doubt hoping that momentous comes sooner in Season 2 rather than later as Sheridan opted not to make it happen in Season 1. Turns out they're not alone, with Mirren herself noting during a recent Deadline interview, "I think Spencer's gonna show up pretty quickly." 

Mirren wants Spencer to get home already so she can end Clara's letter-narrating campaign

The soulful, but emotionally-scarred Spencer Dutton entered the "1923" narrative early in the first season, doing so about as far from Montana as he could get. While he was clearly not happy killing lions and drinking away war memories on the African continent, things began to look up when Alexandra entered his life. But he was eventually called home by his dear Aunt Cara to help protect his family's coveted ranching lands, and that journey got more than a little complicated.

As Mirren told Deadline, Spencer's storyline was truly one of the best throughout the first season of "1923," saying, "I got the sense that Taylor was really imaginatively attracted to Spencer's adventures, which were great for the audience, I thought." She went on to add, "He made a great storyline, which was really beautiful to watch." Still, if one were looking to read the proverbial tea leaves in regards to the first part of that quote, it seems even Mirren thought Sheridan might have gotten a little carried away with Spencer's troubled homeward journey. 

She went on to tell Deadline in no uncertain terms, "I hope Spencer comes home soon, though." Even as effective as Cara's beautifully narrated letters are on the show, Mirren is partially hoping Spencer finds his way home soon so the show can get away from that trope, quipping, "I dunno how many more letters I've got in me." But for now, it seems she'll have to wait like the rest of us for Spencer's highly-anticipated homecoming.