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Is Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Even Worth Watching? Fans Weigh In

Many characters have come and gone over the extensive 19-season run of "Grey's Anatomy." While actors like Isaiah Washington were removed for their on-set behavior, others like Katherine Heigl decided to leave the hit medical drama to aim for roles in major motion pictures.

Still, throughout the many storytelling arcs of "Grey's Anatomy," there has been one constant: Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). However, even this longstanding mainstay left the show during Season 19, giving fans one less reason to stick with the popular series. With this in mind, some viewers who haven't yet taken the plunge on the latest season are wondering if it's worth keeping up with Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital anymore.

Well, to hear it from the fans on theĀ r/greysanatomy subreddit, the consensus seems to be a resounding yes. U/kiwi505 asked this exact question about whether the show is worth continuing on with in Season 19, and the majority of fans seemed to think that it was still worth scrubbing up to see what the series' characters, old and new, were up to. "Yes," wrote u/gobux10. "Best season since S14." U/CamKes424 quickly agreed. "I like season 19; I think it is worth a shot to watch it," the user said.

Most seem to think that it's worth giving Season 19 a go

With so many of the core cast members gone, it's easy to see why some fans might be thinking of giving up on "Grey's Anatomy," but to hear it from fans, it sounds like there are plenty of reasons to keep on watching. "I prefer S19 to some of the past seasons, TBH," wrote u/macademicnut. "The focus on the new intern class is refreshing. It's giving more old-school vibes than recent ones."

If there's anything that can help to spruce up an aging series like "Grey's Anatomy," it's definitely some new blood to help bring the series back to its roots. It sounds like fans are getting just that vibe from the latest season as well. "I've enjoyed it. The writing is better IMO!" wrote u/Apart-Ad9774. "I feel more invested in storylines than I have for a long time."

While some are still calling for "Grey's Anatomy" to finally wrap things up for good in this season or the next, it sounds like there's a large enough contingent of the fanbase who are more than willing to stick with the series even without Meredith Grey at the helm.