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MCU Fans Are Loving The Seriousness And Darkness Of Secret Invasion's Second Trailer

Marvel's more recent output has had its ups and downs but has largely been considered sub-par in comparison to its past efforts. But for those who feel the franchise has been dipping in quality, their upcoming Disney+ series "Secret Invasion" may be just what the doctor ordered.

The show, which sees Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury go up against a hidden army of Skrulls who are set on world domination, had its second trailer release on April 3, 2023, to an unsuspecting fanbase who have widely expected very little out of Marvel's recent lineup of Disney+ shows.

Amongst the many promising aspects the trailer presents, perhaps what most fans took away was the show's more mature edge that centers on heavier themes and political elements. The trailer's YouTube upload is over-pouring with positive reactions from relieved MCU devotees, such as @X, who comments, "This is what the MCU needs, the tone is serious and consistent throughout every trailer." Many others shared a similar sentiment.

Secret Invasion is reminding fans of the MCU's best entries

"Secret Invasion" appears to be the breath of fresh air the Marvel Cinematic Universe has needed for some time. And fans couldn't be happier. On YouTube, @Miko was left in awe, commenting, "This trailer sends chills down my spine. We need serious tone like this in every MCU projects." 

"Secret Invasion," coming after such outlandish yet disappointing productions as "Thor: Love and Thunder" and "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," is being praised not only for its grounded, darker tone but the lack of tiring MCU comedy. On Twitter, @painfulgamer1was left dumbfounded, playfully questioning, "A Marvel trailer that doesn't end with a terrible joke?" while @ravensbro6 similarly notes, "Notice how not one single joke or quip was in this trailer." 

With its political edge and espionage thrills, the "Secret Invasion" trailer is giving fans flashbacks to the MCU's golden days. YouTuber @srayj goes as far as to favorably compare the show to another acclaimed MCU title. "This is giving me very strong 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' vibes," they comment. "The political intrigue, the gritty action...it looks amazing!" Time will tell if "Secret Invasion" lives up to the hype, but if the new trailer has done anything, it's given fans hope that the MCU still has an edge.