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What Mort From Family Guy Looks Like In Real Life

For nearly 25 years, "Family Guy" has graced TV screens worldwide, giving Seth MacFarlane an outlet for his raunchiest jokes, normally at the expense of Meg. Like "The Simpsons" and "American Dad," "Family Guy" boasts an impressive roster of characters, with MacFarlane and company bringing some of TV's most iconic personalities to life.

One character that's been alongside the Griffin family since the earliest days is Mort Goldman. The owner of Goldman's Pharmacy first appeared in Season 2, Episode 12, "The Kiss Seen Around the World," and has since been the go-to character for any Jewish jokes. His iconic curly orange hair, thick-framed glasses, and large nose distinguish him from the other Quahog residents, shamelessly playing into many countless Jewish stereotypes.

When playing a role in the comedy series, most actors pull double duty, lending their voices to multiple characters, and Mort's actor, John G. Brennan, is one of those. He also voices other random characters here and there, but surprisingly, he does not look like the Jewish pharmacist he brought to life.

John G. Brennan found inspiration from his mother

John G. Brennan got his start in the industry with 1995's "The Jerky Boys," but his work on "Family Guy" is undoubtedly his most famous. His work in the '90s comedy duo got the attention of one Seth MacFarlane, a longtime fan before Brennan joined "Family Guy." The actor said the characters he played in "Jerky Boys" inspired both Mort Goldstein and Horce, owner of The Drunken Clam bar, leaving "Family Guy" and "Jerky Boys" forever intertwined.

During an appearance on "Joey B vs. the World," Brennan admitted that he took inspiration from Sol from "The Jerky Boys" for Mort from "Family Guy," but his mother inspired Sol, so, in a sense, Mort is another part of Brennan's mom come to life. "For Mort on 'Family Guy,' that's the side of my mom that was always looking," the actor said. "She'd be ready to throw down in two seconds, literally. My mom wouldn't think twice about brawling."

Don't mess with Mort because he won't hesitate to take things to the next level. Brennan approaches the character with that in mind, describing him as "fast" and "in your face" as he delivers a line of Mort's, suggesting he and Peter burn down the pharmacy.