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12 Of The Best Meg Moments From Family Guy

As a long-running show with a rapid-fire, crude style of humor, "Family Guy" has seemingly had a chokehold on decades of high school-aged fans, following generations into adulthood. In addition to the massive quantity of jokes the animated series slings out each episode, the reason for the popularity of "Family Guy" can be largely attributed to the host of characters that make up the central family.

Peter and Stewie are, of course, among the most popular "Family Guy" characters when it comes to the Griffin family, but each unique character brings something special to the show and has evolved during the 20-plus years it has been on the air. When it comes to Meg Griffin — famously voiced by Mila Kunis – her comedic appeal is that she is wholly insufferable and pretty much universally hated. In honor of Meg being the absolute worst, here are some of her very best moments on "Family Guy."

Literally everyone hates Meg

One of the biggest, most long-running jokes on "Family Guy" is that everyone hates Meg, especially her father Peter. "Shut up, Meg" is one of the simplest punch lines to a number of his jokes. Meg is basically Sweet Dee from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" minus all the bird-oriented insults. While being relentlessly hated by her family makes a harsh existence for Meg, there's an important reason why Meg acts as the punching bag of "Family Guy."

In Episode 2 of Season 10, it is revealed that Meg is actually the family's lightning rod — providing a kind of protection as they direct all of their hate and awfulness directly to her to keep it from striking themselves. Once she finally stands up for herself and calls out everyone else's terrible traits, the family crumbles.

Despite the proclivity to hate on Meg, Mila Kunis expressed in an interview with Collider that voicing the character is one of the high points of her career and "the best job ever." Whether this enthusiasm for providing the voice of Meg for over 20 years comes from actually loving the character or Kunis is just a masochist and enjoys being the butt of the joke is unclear.

She gives off serial killer vibes

As demeaning and depressing this universal hate for Meg Griffin can be, it's not entirely unwarranted. While it's true that the snide remarks and abuse constantly thrown at Meg usually comes with no warning or provocation, the oldest Griffin child isn't exactly an innocent. She, like the rest of her family, has glaring flaws that not only make her not such a great person, but also kind of paint her as a total serial killer.

In addition to the baby she keeps hidden in her school locker and her ability to change her personality in order to fit with whoever she is around, shockingly, Meg is an animal killer — one of the most prominent signs of a budding serial killer. She graphically describes the death of stray cats to her brother Chris (via Reddit), responding to his question about how it feels to die. "From the look in a stray cat's eyes when you're pushing on its windpipe, I think it's pretty terrifying. Like, panicky."

In Episode 13 of Season 17, Peter tells his friends that Meg murders people while wearing a wedding dress, so it sounds like she has officially upgraded to full-blooded serial killer over the years. Peter says this while wearing said wedding dress, which is its own kind of freaky. The fact that Meg isn't in this scene herself makes it even better.

Peter's personal chauffeur

Considering the fact that Peter is one of the biggest offenders in the war on Meg, it makes sense that some of the very best Meg moments happen when he is around. In Episode 9 of Season 5, Peter loses his license and Meg has to drive him and his drinking buddies around town as they get plastered in the back seat. Meg endures a wet willy, insults, and even Peter lighting her hat on fire while she acts as the fully grown men's designated driver. After stopping the car abruptly and getting rear ended, Meg completely pummels the other driver who angrily confronts her for stopping.

Instead of chastising his daughter for the violence she unleashes on the unexpecting man, Peter admiringly praises her. What follows is one of the weirdest montages of daddy-daughter time in TV history, with the pair jumping cars Evel Knievel style and drive-by bashing mailboxes with a bat. While Peter goes back to treating Meg like dirt after he gets his license reinstated, he tells Meg they are now "secret best friends." As heartwarming as the sentiment is, it is interesting that some of the very best Meg moments are simultaneously some of her worst in terms of morality.

Meg's real name is revealed

The credit for another of Meg's best moments goes to Peter, as he is responsible for Meg's full legal name — Megatron. In "A Fistful of Meg" we learn that Meg is not short for Megan, like her mother intended. In a flashback, after Lois hands her birth certificate to Peter to give to the nurse, he adds "tron" to the end of "Mega." This fact alone is hilarious, but the joke hits even harder when you consider that it is such a small scene and is dropped so nonchalantly in the episode.

The joke is so minuscule that it actually flew under the radar for some time, with a lot of "Family Guy" fans and casual viewers not even knowing what Meg is short for. Diehard "Family Guy" fans hold this small piece of information as a coveted trivia fact, though, and pull it out to great humorous effect. One Twitter user shared the interesting Meg fact, resulting in nothing but laughs. Though her birth name is a small part of who she is, Megatron Griffin is a better character for the quirk.

Meg gets a makeover

Another running joke is Meg is seen as massively ugly — a gag that's ironically hard-hitting due to the fact that Mila Kunis is considered one of the great beauties of Hollywood. Throw some makeup and some bleach on her, though, and Meg turns into quite the cartoon hottie, who even catches the eye of Jimmy Fallon (voiced by Seth MacFarlane ... not the real Jimmy Fallon).

In Episode 4 of Season 4, Meg gets a massive makeover after Lois enthusiastically volunteers her for one at the mall. The new and improved Meg is an instant hit, becoming both popular and a teen sex symbol. She gets invited to "Saturday Night Live," where she loses her virginity on live TV to Jimmy Fallon. Despite the whole situation being icky and uncomfortable, Meg's blonde look makes for one of her best episodes, which actually includes a decent message about how beauty is perceived and exploited in our culture.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mila Kunis explained that the makeover episode is her favorite, as she had been "begging" for writers to take Meg's hat off. They clearly obliged her, and we have a seriously great Meg episode as a result.

Alternate dimension Meg

If the "Family Guy" version of Jimmy Fallon has a thing for blonde underage Meg, we'd hate to know his thoughts on super-hot Meg from an alternate dimension. In the first episode of Season 8, Stewie and Brian go on an epic road trip that takes them dimension hopping through a number of alternate universes. One of these universes is full of beautiful people, and the pair spot Alternate Meg walking down the street in her tube top and space boots. Her long flowy hair is blowing in the wind and even her signature pink hat looks as though it got a major upgrade in the new world.

As desirable as Brian finds Meg in the new world, Stewie hilariously points out that Meg is still considered on the ugly side for this world, as everyone else is so much more attractive — Lois is so hot that, according to Stewie, one look at her would put Brian's penis in a wheelchair. This scene is an extension of the ugly Meg running joke, but it's a pretty creative take on it. In fact, at this point in the show, Meg has actually grown and developed as a character far beyond who she is at the start of "Family Guy." Fans recently took to Reddit to express their desire to see more of her, even going as far to say her own spinoff series wouldn't be a bad idea.

Prison Meg

Another character shift Meg undergoes comes directly after a stint in the slammer. Meg went to prison in Episode 11 of Season 8 for harboring a fugitive. Upon her return home, Meg couldn't seemingly be any different than the girl fans have come to know. For one, she wears a white tank top that shows off her new sleeves of tribal tattoos. Also, she aggressively goes after her family and anyone else who gets on her bad side.

This new Meg doesn't take any guff from anyone and comes locked and loaded with a pillowcase full of soda cans to beat anyone who insults her into oblivion. Prison Meg is a fan favorite, with many Reddit users expressing their desire to see this version of Meg make a comeback. One commenter points out that more recent seasons of "Family Guy" feature a similarly chaotic Meg, which may even be due to how much fans enjoy a straight out of jail and murderous Meg.

Meg joins a lesbian club

Back in Season 4 of "Family Guy," Meg is so desperate to fit in and make friends that she actually tries to switch sexualities. In "Brian Sings and Swings" (Episode 19) Meg actually manages to make a good friend. Sarah, Meg's new pal, turns out to be a lesbian and invites Meg to join the school's lesbian club. Once Meg figures out that her new group of friends thinks she is a lesbian, she tries to back out and come clean with the truth. After realizing that she is more popular as a lesbian, Meg tries her hand at the lifestyle and pretends she's attracted to girls, starting a romantic relationship with Sarah.

Lois, annoyed that Meg is trying to be someone she isn't, passionately kisses Sarah in order to prove to Meg that she is not a lesbian. This works, and Meg comes clean about only being attracted to men. Between Meg being the typical butt of the joke and Quagmire's creepy obsession with getting lesbian footage by hiding in underage girls' closets, Meg's time as a lesbian is classic "Family Guy" content and reminds us that network TV in 2006 got pretty questionable from time to time.

But to say Meg is merely a fake lesbian might not be the whole story. Showrunner Alec Sulkin told Split Sider (via LGBTG Nation) that it's possible the show will have Meg come out as a real lesbian in the future.

Meg makes robbers wish they broke into Cleveland's house instead

Unfortunately, the heterosexual side of Meg's love life is sordid and unfortunate. Her track record leaves much to be desired. If "Family Guy" didn't already go out of its way to make Meg come off as absolutely awful and undesirable, the show puts her opposite a couple of home burglars that want absolutely nothing to do with her — the same can't be said about Meg, though.

"The Griffin Family History" (Season 4, Episode 27) sees the Griffin household get holed up in their panic room — which turns out to be a not-so-pointless Peter addition — when three burglars break in to rob them. They end up finding Meg and holding her for ransom, and Meg reacts to being taken prisoner by throwing herself at the robbers, saying they can "have their way with her." They are repulsed by Meg and, after they get arrested for burglary, they press charges against Meg for sexual harassment. "Family Guy" fans eat this Meg moment up, and Reddit users basically take turns quoting the cringeworthy moment in a thread dedicated to the scene.

Meg's got a thing for the family dog

If trying to seduce criminals who are literally in the process of threatening and robbing her own house wasn't sick enough, Meg's infatuation with the family dog should be enough to turn your stomach. Sure, Brian can talk and is articulate enough, but that doesn't make him any less of a dog in the cartoon universe. In Episode 8 of Season 5, Meg develops a large and incredibly unhealthy crush on Brian after he takes her to prom, gets completely plastered, and kisses her. He treats her like an actual person and shows her kindness by standing up for her to her bullies, which Meg is totally unused to.

Meg responds by having a little bit of a psychotic break, becoming obsessed with Brian. She goes as far as baking Brian a pie infused with her own hair and knocking him out in order to kidnap him. This is a great example of just how crazed Meg can be.

The stand-in wife

Unfortunately for the other "Family Guy" characters and luckily for us, Meg's dramatic and unreasonable crushes don't stop at the family dog. Another chapter in the disturbing love life of Meg Griffin involves one of Peter's best friends, Joe. In "The Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair" Meg starts taking care of Joe, who needs a little extra assistance due to his disability, while his wife Bonnie is away. Joe shows Meg a small amount of kindness in their conversations together, and Meg develops a crush on him. This quickly snowballs into Meg taking on the role of Joe's wife, even going as far to breastfeed his newborn baby.

Joe then tells Lois and Peter that Meg has a crush on him — an understatement if we ever heard one — and they laugh him off, thinking the idea to be ridiculous. Meg's obsession with Joe after being on the receiving end of a few kind words is telling of how starved for affection she is. As sad as that tidbit may be, Meg still ends up being cast in the light of a delusional child with an inappropriate crush, a plot point that has proven to be successful as a running joke on the show.

Jokes are no laughing matter

"Family Guy" consistently makes references to other TV shows and films that are recognizable in pop culture, and a lot of these references land as solid jokes. One such reference occurs in "Dial Meg for Murder" (Season 8, Episode 11) which sees Meg and Chris enter into an all-out brawl in the school cafeteria where they maim and kill a large number of students to the tune of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird." The scene is straight out of "Kingsman: The Secret Service" where one Kingsman is forced to fight and kill basically an entire church.

The fight breaks out after other students give Chris and Meg a hard time for something that Brian did, and both Griffins react with more skill and violence than most viewers probably thought they had in them. The scene contains one epic move after the next, and it's really no surprise that the action-packed moment was named one of Meg's absolute best in a fan-made YouTube compilation of her various deeds. Not only is it an entertaining scene to watch, but it's also some pretty solid evidence that Meg is not-so-lowkey a sadistic killer.