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Peppermint Trailer: Jennifer Garner Goes Full John Wick

Jennifer Garner is going back to her Alias days to kick some serious ass in Peppermint.

Abandoned by corrupt law enforcement after her family is slaughtered by cartel gunmen, Garner's Peppermint protagonist Riley North takes some well-deserved vengeance into her own hands, becoming an unholy assassin to wrathfully snatch up some souls. 

After all legal avenues for revenge prove fruitless, Riley spends five years going off the grid to "get gud" at merking criminals in elaborate and insanely brutal ways. It's the sort of thing that all of our moms would do for us, yeah? As the movie's tagline puts it, "The system failed. She won't."

Released by STX Entertainment, Peppermint makes a big impression with its first trailer, which you can check out for yourself up above. As you'll see, it looks every bit like the sort of hyper-violent, cathartic killing spree that can only be brought to you through the magic of the movies, sporting what feels like some pretty definite influence from John Wick.

Speaking of modern classic action movies, Peppermint comes from Pierre Morel, better known as the director of Taken, which, just, hell yeah. The Peppermint trailer even has its own spin on that movie's classic "particular set of skills" phone exchange, with Riley letting her enemies know with no ambiguity that her master plan is to kill every one of them, and then wing it from there.

In addition to Jennifer Garner in the lead role, the movie stars John Gallagher Jr., John Ortiz, Method Man, Juan Pablo Raba, Annie Ilonzeh and Richard Cabral.

Peppermint will be out in theaters on September 7. Check out the blood-red, bullet-winged poster for the action-thriller down below.