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What Time Do New Netflix Shows Release?

Few forces have changed the way that viewers interact with movies and television in our modern era in the way that Netflix has. The first DVD mailing service to take the plunge into streaming, the platform paved the way for how most people consume media today and led to the advent of dozens of other streaming services like Prime Video and Disney+.

Still, Netflix isn't without its issues. While some users have criticized the service provider for removing some of its best content from the platform, others have noted how quickly new releases get buried in the never-ending algorithm that powers the service and its recommendations for viewers.

Yet another problem that sometimes plagues Netflix users is the question of when new content will officially drop on the platform. With myriad time zones operating on the service, it can be tough to predict precisely when a hotly anticipated new film or movie will release on Netflix. However, according to the service itself, fans can generally expect new releases to drop at 12 a.m. Pacific Time on their set release date.

Most Netflix originals release at midnight Pacific Time

What this means for fans who are counting the minutes until the latest episodes of "Stranger Things" or "Cobra Kai" become available is that they can narrow the time window down considerably by comparing their own local time zone to Pacific Time and doing the math between the time differences to ascertain when the new episodes will be available.

Of course, this rule doesn't apply to all releases. As the streamer went on to explain, some shows are seen as Netflix originals in one country while being affiliated with another network in another country. For example, Netflix has worked with many British television companies to create co-productions that might fall into this gray area.

The handy way to know whether something counts as a Netflix original in your country is to check for the red Netflix "N" logo in the top corner. If it's not there, the program is not considered an original in your region and, as such, may follow local listing times provided by the network in question rather than the set Pacific Time release that other offerings have.