Yellowjackets S2 Episode 2 Has Fans Fearing For Ben's Life

So, you know when a really hungry cartoon character looks at another character and sees them transform into a steaming Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings? And you know assistant coach Ben (Steven Krueger) in "Yellowjackets"? Yeah, some fans think Ben is that cartoon turkey.

Heading into Season 2, Episode 2, "Yellowjackets" continues to serve up hearty ratings as it treats its fanbase to the increasingly unhinged saga of its cannibal teen-girl soccer team stranded in the Canadian wilds. And a few viewers think Season 2 could also be about to serve up something else: coach Ben. In addition to Ben losing one leg to amputation early in the show, he's also seen as gradually losing any semblance of control as time passes and things get decidedly weirder. By the second installment of the current season, the girls have finally made a meal of one of their own, team captain Jackie (Ella Purnell) ... but to be fair, she wasn't especially popular anyway.

Coach Ben, however, is revolted at their fiendish feasting and resists taking any part. And this, along with his slipping respect within the group, had fans like u/the_TITULAR_role taking to the show's subreddit to reference a popular line from "The Simpsons," writing, "Coach Ben is literally the 'I'm in danger' meme." Others were quick to agree that the delicious-looking guy might not turn up in the "Yellowjackets'" credit roll much longer.

Fans think Ben could find himself on the menu

Also posting in the subreddit for "Yellowjackets" in the wake of the Season 2 Episode 2 airing, series' fan u/Vandergrif appeared concerned that Ben's refusal to join the cannibal repast, along with his disabled condition, bodes ill for him: "He can't even run away if he had to..." Viewer u/charlottellyn is another who thinks the coach is an obvious candidate for the girls' chopping block. In fact, they seemed to feel even Ben himself should have picked up on this by now, as they wrote, "Oh sh****t of course he's gonna think 'I'm next'."

Meanwhile, u/Wataru624 questioned why Ben didn't attempt to divert suspicion from his 'no Jackie for me' moment, posting, "I thought for sure he was going to think it over and take a tactical snack so as not to arouse suspicion while he cooks up a plan. I think they'll be cooking up him before he has a chance." And this comment, while dire as far as Ben's fate is concerned, prompted a high-five from u/LimonadaVonSaft, who felt compelled to applaud, writing, "'Tactical snack' hahahahha!!!" For fans eager to satisfy their appetite for more "Yellowjackets" culinary adventures, it's streaming on Paramount+ and Showtime's app on Fridays, and on the Showtime network every Sunday. Bon Appetit.