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Rick And Morty Theory: Rick Hired Glootie To Split Up Beth & Jerry

What makes "Rick and Morty" such an endless source of fun and adventure is the fact that the series blew the doors open relatively early on as far as what's possible in this universe. As such, the hit Adult Swim series became a place where literally anything could happen and began to usher in an endless stream of wacky characters from other planets or alternate realities.

One such character was the likable alien Glootie (voiced by Taika Waititi). The character first appeared in Season 4, Episode 2 ("The Old Man and the Seat") as Rick's (Justin Roiland) intern. However, not even a permanent tattoo on his forehead which warns against developing an app with him could stop Jerry (Chris Parnell) — arguably the dumbest character in "Rick and Morty" — from going against Rick's wishes yet again.

Some "Rick and Morty" fans have begun to speculate that Rick deliberately brought Glootie into the Smith household to sabotage Jerry's relationship with Beth (Sarah Chalke). In the r/c137 subreddit, u/unsoldbicycles suggested exactly that, citing Rick's notoriously manipulative behavior as their reasoning.

"Rick definitely knew what the app was and what it would do. Perhaps he wanted to use it to split Beth and Jerry up, and the tattoo would clear him of responsibility," the user explained. "Pretty low effort for Rick but, in his view, potentially an easy try at restoring his preferred status quo in the family."

Rick has used subterfuge to hide his intentions before

As "Rick and Morty" fans will no doubt remember, Jerry decides to develop Glootie's horribly named dating app, Lovefinderrz — despite the tattoo on his forehead warning against engaging the alien in any app development. Naturally, this leads to a situation where Jerry has inadvertently sold off Earth's water supply to the Monogatron species of aliens.

Though the fan theory that this all happened according to Rick's plan could be seen as a reach, "Rick and Morty" co-creator Dan Harmon has an established history of hiding storytelling details in minor lines or character actions. With this in mind, u/Skylinens agreed with the original poster's assertion. "Morty says Rick was just too lazy to explain the reason fully," the user recalled, offering further credence to the theory.

While another user was skeptical, they seemed to come around to the point themselves by the end of their own comment. "I'm thinking no, but only because Rick doesn't care enough about Jerry to bother with that," the user said. "Like, how could Jerry screw up wearing shoes? Oh yeah, right..." they concluded, seeing how easy Jerry's stupidity could be for someone like Rick to predict in "Rick and Morty."