George And Mary's Exchange On Young Sheldon S6 E16 Hints At A Dark End For The Series

"Young Sheldon" returns after a brief break with Season 6, Episode 16, "A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam," to resolve Missy's (Raegan Revord) dramatic cliffhanger. We left off with the misunderstood young Cooper unexpectedly stealing her dad's truck and running away from home, leaving viewers worried about where she was headed. In the new episode, she recruits Paige (Mckenna Grace) to tag along in her joyride escapade as they plan to lead fulfilling new lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

While most of the story revolves around Missy's desperate attempt to be noticed by her parents, there are several moments with the Coopers that further drive the overarching story. Mary (Zoe Perry) and George (Lance Barber) continue to argue and fight with Mary still staying over at her mother's house to avoid further conflict. When she sees the truck gone and thinks George is away, she comes back home to find her husband still there with more malcontent. The two continue to bicker on the drive to find Missy until a certain throwaway line from George foreshadows the series' dark future — "Yeah, over my dead body."

Since "Young Sheldon" is a prequel, there are certain formative events from Sheldon's (Iain Armitage) childhood that we already know about. In "The Big Bang Theory," Sheldon (Jim Parsons) tells his friends about his father's extramarital affair, which we've seen alluded to in the spin-off. He also mentions George's untimely death and fans seem to be getting closer to it on "Young Sheldon," as indicated by his recent, dark exchange with Mary.

That line has even more meaning for George

George's death has been consistently referenced as even the "Young Sheldon" Season 6 premiere heavily foreshadows the impending tragedy. Fans of "The Big Bang Theory" might even remember Sheldon revealing that his father died of a heart attack when he was 14. This means we'll see the unfortunate event play out on "Young Sheldon," especially with the continued foreshadowing.

In "A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam," when Paige's mom Linda (Andrea Anders) suggests the two bickering adults see a marriage counselor, they scoff at the recent divorcee. Rather than end their marriage, the two would rather end their life as George says so himself. "Yeah, over my dead body," stated the frustrated husband. This isn't nearly as worrisome as Mary's reply, as she agrees and adds, "Yeah, that's exactly how it's gonna end." Linda's response pretty much mirrors us viewers with an exasperated "Oh, boy."  

Mary's comment suggests the end may be nigh for "Young Sheldon" with George's death being the final endpoint of the series. While some fans feel the show is limited by what happens on "The Big Bang Theory," others may enjoy speculating the possibilities of future episodes, especially with eye-popping lines like Mary's.